Unwanted pregnancy - whether there is definitely the right way?

Unwanted pregnancy Pregnancy and birth of a child - it's always great.But there are times when a child does not fit into the lives of their future parents.Such a pregnancy can be the result of negligence, ignorance of the basics of sexual life "without tripping" of contraception and a variety of other reasons.

Every woman wants to be a mother, but very often women are faced with the fact that this particular pregnancy is not desirable for them, it happens:

  • if the woman's age does not allow her to give birth to a healthy child, and then keep it;
  • if a woman is not financially independent, and relatives against the child;
  • against a child if his future father;
  • if the pregnancy is the result of rape;
  • if a woman does not know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

This is just basic common causes, in fact they can be very much, and they will be diverse as life itself.

How to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Very often young girls only know firsthand about the possibilities of protection from unwanted pregnancy and did not know how to use these tools, causing irreparable harm to their health.

most commonly used and proven means of contraception is the condom.This so-called barrier method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.If a woman has more than one sexual partner, the condom will protect her even from diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Women living family life can be used IUD or hormonal contraceptives.Hormonal contraceptives today are an excellent way to protect against unwanted pregnancy.Their disadvantage is that they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

How can terminate an unwanted pregnancy

unwanted pregnancy is possible only by means of abortion.Abortion, especially if it is first, it affects the health of women, very often after the women does not happen at children.

In early pregnancy (before 12 weeks) can be carried out medical abortion, mini-abortions or abortion tool.They all have their limitations on the duration of pregnancy.Any of these types of abortions has its indications and contraindications, and can be carried out only obstetrician-gynecologist in a hospital.If the abortion is performed by non-specialist or by the woman herself, it is called a criminal (ie the criminal case).Such rigor respected but unfortunately mortality criminal abortion criminal abortion: issues relevant at all times Criminal abortion: issues relevant at all times exceeds all possible presentation on the subject.

Medical abortion - abortion is using drugs, which are used in early pregnancy and prevent the formation of progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , necessary for the carrying of a pregnancy.Mini-abortion - abortion using negative pressure, it is also carried out in the early stages of pregnancy.Tool abortion - the most traumatic method, it can be done even with a 3-month pregnancy.Held scraping Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure mucous membrane of the uterus along with the fetal egg.

late in pregnancy may also be interrupted, but only for medical reasons, the presence of severe diseases in pregnant women.Abortion produce a gynecology department, or by removing the fetus after opening the uterus, or by introducing medicinal fluids into the uterus.

you decided nevertheless to leave unwanted pregnancy

for her, of course, impact, both on the mother and the baby.The fact that the carrying of unwanted pregnancy is always accompanied by severe stress and emotional experiences that are moving into a state of chronic stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .And in times of stress the body produces substances that promote revitalization of the whole organism: high blood pressure, increased heart and breathing, spasm of blood vessels and so on.Imagine what the state of the pregnant woman constantly, except it will not affect the pregnancy?

child suffers because spastic blood vessels did not give him the required amount of nutrients and oxygen.Furthermore, it was found that the mother experiences and certainly transmitted to the child.All this adversely affects the child's development, especially in the state of his brain, the formation of immunity and so on.

What a way out of this situation?

The solution, of course, is to get acquainted with the means of preventing pregnancy.And if unwanted pregnancies still occurred, the decision on its continuation or termination must be taken immediately: pull no sense, it will only aggravate the situation.If, however, there is the slightest chance that the child is better to save, it would be much better physical and mental health of the mother.

When you finally make the choice to benefit the child, no matter what the situation was not preceded by an unwanted pregnancy, it will be not so relevant to the fore, of course, will your future baby.

Galina Romanenko