Emotional health during pregnancy - calm, just calm

emotional health during pregnancy Almost all pregnant women are sharp emotional extremes.Pregnancy is associated with the changes - both physical and emotional.Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to the fact that the mood of a pregnant woman changes dramatically almost every hour.

Can I get rid of such emotional extremes and feel calm during pregnancy?Yes, if the expectant mother follows the rules of emotional health.Balance emotions and physical training are equally important for a pregnant woman.They equally help her prepare for motherhood.

Like the body, emotions woman changes during pregnancy.Because of the lack of experience of the parent pregnant woman can be disarmed by sudden emotional outbursts.For women, the first pregnancy is a new experience, which is quite difficult to give in comprehension.Ignoring the fact that the child's emotions waiting women much harder and sharper than usual, can lead to a number of issues - including relations with her husband.The acceptance of this fact - the basis of emotional health during pregnancy.

pregnant woman, especially if the first pregnancy, experiencing a lot of fear.Among them - the fear of childbirth and miscarriage, anxiety about the health of the unborn child and their own health, fear of labor pains and inevitable pain, fear of disappointment partner / husband because of changes that occur with the body of a woman.Modern women have to worry about the career of financial problems, a variety of additional costs associated with the introduction and education of a new family member.

All these fears may cause many negative emotions - such as anxiety, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood, irritation, anxiety, stress, anger, loneliness, confusion.Emotions can be caused not only by hormonal imbalance but even certain physical discomfort.On the appearance of negative emotions is a variety of factors.Among them - changing hormone levels, changes associated with the body, home stress, health complications during pregnancy, relationship problems seven problems in relationships and how to solve them Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them with a partner, previous experience of pregnancy or abortion, lack of moraland physical support.

Emotional swings are dangerous not only for the woman but for her unborn child.When a pregnant woman is under stress, its body produces more of the hormone cortisol, the main "stress hormone."Cortisol increases blood pressure and blood levels of sugar, a negative impact on the strength of the immune system - which, naturally, has a negative impact on the health of the child.

Stress during pregnancy is dangerous for many reasons:

  • Chronic stress test in a few weeks, slow fetal growth, development of the embryo cells of the body
  • increases the risk of miscarriage or premature birth
  • Elevated levels of stress hormones How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? can damage the brain of an unborn child and cause problems in the education of the child in the future

Control emotional balance

control emotions during pregnancy is essential for maintenance of normal emotional balance.Pregnant woman to successfully manage their emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , aware of the changing emotional balance and is ready to accept what was happening to her.

There are some basic rules that will help to cope with the emotional imbalance.

  • Acceptance: you must accept the fact that the physical and emotional changes - an inevitable part of pregnancy.We must realize that it is - only a temporary phase that will last only a few months and will end after a maximum of a month or two after birth.
  • Awareness: Each trimester of pregnancy brings new changes - both in body and in an emotional state.The main source of information about pregnancy - special literature and the experience of new mothers who can share their feelings and experiences.
  • Care: Pregnant women are responsible for the emergence of a new life.Taking care of yourself means taking care of the child.Her bail - proper diet, rest and indulging her little whims.
  • Talk, talk and talk again: Pregnant woman should be open to dialogue.Do not be afraid to discuss their problems with the gynecologist, partner or friends - anyone who can provide emotional support.Do not keep a fear and anxiety - it will only exacerbate the internal stress.
  • Peace: changes associated with pregnancy, can lead to lower energy and, as a consequence, tiring easily.It should reduce the rate on new priorities in the work and give yourself a break.
  • Distraction: emotional stress and negative emotions can be overcome, distracted by the pleasant things or hobbies.When emotions overwhelm you with your head, try to analyze what you are worried about, and then find an adequate solution.
  • Exercise: exercise certain classes specifically designed for pregnant women, will help to improve both physical and emotional health.

main key emotional health during pregnancy - relaxation and comfort.Pick comfortable clothes for pregnant women, together with the doctor develop an appropriate diet rich in nutrients.Drink plenty of fluids.Attend courses for pregnant women - is one of the main sources of useful information for expectant mothers.And, most importantly, believe in yourself and what you will become a good mother.