Dimexidum face: to help get rid of acne and not only

dimexide Face Dimexidum - a drug for external use, which has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, and is capable of dissolving blood clots.Therefore, it can be used with such problems on the facial skin, like acne, wounds and bruises.

Dimexidum for acne on the face

Acne occurs when hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous .Under the influence of hormones in adolescence and early adulthood are changing the properties of the skin.Thus, the sebum changes its chemical composition and becomes viscous and surface skin cells begin to rapidly coarsen and exfoliating.

desquamated cells are mixed with a viscous sebum and clog out of the sebaceous glands, and then covered with dust, dirt and look like black dots - comedogenic.Comedones tightly closed out of the sebaceous gland, which creates space inside the sealed conditions for bacteria to grow, when they become a lot, formed an abscess.

To cure acne appointed complex treatment, which may include and dimexide.This drug is for external use is available as a liquid concentrate with an unpleasant odor in bottles of 100 ml.

When applied to the skin dimexide quickly penetrate deep into its layers and partially absorbed into the blood, so it may have the overall effect on the body.He actively works on the inflammatory process, inhibiting it.At the same time it has an antibacterial effect.As a result, it reduces the number of acne: acne, where the abscess has not yet formed, disappear without a trace, and acne with the generated abscess burst, and in their place a crust is formed.

Dimexidum readily soluble in water and alcohol, but it is not soluble in fats.Furthermore, this drug can significantly increase the efficiency of applied simultaneously with drugs, including increased and their side effects.Therefore, most dimexide with nothing mixed and used for the treatment of acne and its aqueous dilutions.

But acne Acne: facial trouble Acne: facial trouble dimexide sometimes used in conjunction with some antibiotics, since it increases the sensitivity of pathogens to them.Most often used for this purpose chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol).Sometimes the treatment of acne Dimexid combine with other substances, such as honey.

Test for skin sensitivity to Dimexidum

Dimexidum - a drug that can sometimes cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.Therefore, prior to treatment, the doctor is required to appoint a test for skin sensitivity to the drug.

this purpose on the inner surface of the forearm to apply a small amount Dimexidum diluted by half with water (50% solution).If after that the skin will not be redness, you can start the treatment.But that is not treated after a long burn time, all procedures should be supervised by a doctor.

How to apply

for the treatment of acne on the face are used 30-10% aqueous solutions Dimexidum.To this concentrate is diluted with water at the rate of 1: 3, 1: 4, 1: 5 or 1:10 (concentration of the solution is appointed by the doctor according to the type of the skin).Then diluted solution wetted gauze and put on the places where acne.Top superimposed polyethylene, and still above - linen cloth, and so is left for 30 minutes.After the procedure, it is not necessary to wash.Throughout the course of treatment requires 10 to 15 daily treatments.

Here's another recipe Dimexidum for the treatment of acne: two glasses of mineral water, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon Dimexidum.All mix thoroughly moisten the gauze, folded it in several layers and apply on the affected area of ​​skin.Such procedures will also be required from 10 to 15.

recipe for the treatment of acne, which includes dimexide Dimexidum - relieve inflammation and pain, cure baldness Dimexidum - relieve inflammation and pain, baldness cure antibiotic: the doctor would recommend Dimexidum concentration, then add to 500 mgchloramphenicol as a solution for injection, damp cloth and attached to the place of accumulation of acne.

All of these recipes can be used only if prescribed by and under the supervision of a physician.

In no case can not be mixed with oils dimexide because it does not dissolve in oil and can accumulate in a concentrated solution, causing irritation and even burns.

Dimexidum solutions can also be used to treat bruises and wounds on his face.In this case, dimexide reduces tissue swelling, promotes the rapid resorption of bruising and wound healing.

Dimexidum can be successfully used in the treatment of acne Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads , but only on prescription.

Galina Romanenko