Gray hair - how to make them healthy and beautiful

Grey Hair Contrary to popular belief, gray hair is not always - a sign of a ripe old age.The first gray hair may appear during adolescence, and after sixty.Some people (such as the famous American comedian Steve Martin) notice at first gray hair back in twenty or thirty years.This phenomenon is called premature graying.Eventually, when the rest of the hair turns gray, the first gray hair does not differ from them.However, the majority of gray hair appears only in fifty years, or even later.So why do people go gray, and why someone that is sooner than the others?

reasons graying hair

Surprisingly, all of the hair initially ... gray.Melanocytes, the cells of the hair follicles (hair follicles), produce a number of pigments, the main one being melanin.Adjacent to the melanocytes located keratinocytes - cells synthesize keratin protein that makes up hair and skin and nails.At a certain stage Melanin binds to a protein which becomes colored hair that is colored.In short, the more melanin, the darker the color of the hair and consequently, the less melanin, the hair is lighter.

graying of hair is directly associated with a decrease or complete cessation of melanin, in fact hair is not "gray", but simply colorless and appear white on a background of darker strands.Time of natural beginning of the process of graying is genetically inherent in the biological sense is a sign and a direct consequence of aging.

Premature graying

main reason for early gray hair - heredity.If your parents first gray hairs have appeared in thirty years, chances are you will repeat their fate.However, this does not always happen.Age does play a large role in the appearance of gray hair, but are also important external factors, such as stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .Inside the hair is the core - the thinnest duct through which fluid can circulate.There is an assumption that neuropeptides produced by the body under the action of epinephrine (its level rises during stress), are suitable for the blood vessels to the hair follicle, then to the hair shaft and break chemical bonds connecting the protein and melanin.Then, the pigment is very quickly washed away, and as a result lose their hair color.

Gray Hair: Myths and Facts

  • If snatch one gray hair in its place immediately grow two new - a myth.
  • gray hair more difficult to stain because of the low level of melanin, they are more resistant to hair dye - fact.
  • Gray hair can occur as a result of certain diseases and disorders such as hair turns gray deficiency of vitamin B12 or thyroid dysfunction thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones - fact.
  • Smokers exposed to 4-fold higher risk of early blooming than nonsmokers.In addition, smoking contributes to hair loss Hair loss - the distress signal Hair loss - the distress signal - fact.
  • Gray hair is more noticeable in dark-haired people, because it stands out from the rest of the hair.In gray-haired people are less visible, but that does not mean that it is not - a fact.
  • probability of occurrence of gray hair with each decade of life after thirty years increases by 10-20%.
  • There is no natural or medication to prevent gray hair - a fact.

Can turn gray overnight?

graying hair - a long process that depends on the development of the coloring pigment meanina.With age, the production of melanin slows, causing hair to lose color.Abrupt cessation of melanin production is not possible, therefore, to turn gray over night without the aid of hair dye is unlikely.

How to disguise gray hair graying

- a natural process through which all people.However, not all are willing to put up with this "seal of the age."To hide the first gray hair coloring shampoo use, it is desirable to match the color of your natural hair.If a lot of gray hair (30-40% of the total), it is worth thinking about painting.For this purpose, suitable mild inks containing small amounts of an oxidant.Another option - to take advantage of current technology coloring or tinting.Sedin - it is not a sentence, but another reason to experiment with hair.