Mastitis in lactating women: prevent stagnation of milk

mastitis breastfeeding women mastitis - inflammation of breast cancer occurs in women, and children, but most often this disease affects women.One of the triggering factors is the stagnation of milk.


mechanism of stagnation in the breast milk

Lactation involves regular and uniform emptying of the mammary glands.If a woman breast-feeds one or a long one is in the same position, putting improper, oppressive bra - it could trigger stagnation of milk.Milk arriving nowhere to go - as a result there is a first seal in the chest seal in the chest - a reason to turn to mammologu The seal in the chest - a reason to turn to mammologu , then - pain.

By lactostasis lactostasis - stagnation of milk in the breast Lactostasis - stagnation of milk in the mammary gland results and condensed milk when a woman drinks a little water, especially in hot weather, eating a lot of fatty foods.

Many women believe that after each feeding is necessary to express the chest, oblivious to the fact that the milk produced on demand - that is, the more the baby sucks, the more milk comes.But if the mother is expressing in addition to this - the milk comes even more that eventually will necessarily lead to the stagnation of excess milk in the breast.

Recommendations express the chest appeared at a time when women were encouraged to feed the baby on a schedule.Currently accepted international practice is feeding the baby on demand, with minimal risk of lactostasis.


Mastitis in lactating women

if not taken adequate measures for relief lactostasis - developing mastitis.Mastitis is manifested in violation of general health - there are lethargy and weakness, increased body temperature, chest or a portion thereof: breast, dense palpation - pain.The pain may be felt when changing the position of the body, even when walking.

Without proper treatment, the condition is much worse, and mastitis becomes infected stage.The body temperature when it is very high, decreases bad administration of antipyretics.Chest, or the affected part becomes red, hot to the touch.The next step is the development of complications such as breast abscess.


prevention of mastitis

disease is easier to prevent than cure - this statement is very suitable for mastitis.The more that preventive measures are simple.

  • The maternity ward is necessary to choose the ward co-host with the child.It will be provided basic preventive action: feeding the baby on demand, in order to prevent stagnation in the breast milk.
  • By decanting should be treated with caution.If the feeding is no discomfort in the chest - no need to decant.
  • Choose a comfortable bra.Now you can pick up a special, wide straps with the regulating valve and opening for feeding.Neutral bra should be pitted and not too swift chest.
  • In the old manuals can be read on the need to wash the breast before each feeding baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice - it violates the natural lubrication of the chest and stimulates the development of cracks and nipple maceration.It is now considered sufficient acceptance hygienic shower once a day.
  • must correctly put the baby to the breast so that it is well captured with the nipple areola and could be completely emptied the chest;menyayt posture for feeding to maximize different areas devastated milk ducts.
  • to watch out for chest injuries - mechanical trauma leads quickly to lactostasis and mastitis, and treated for a long time.
  • Do not finish breastfeeding sharply, then a child, and chest will be satisfied.


Treatment of mastitis

lactostasis If developed, the best doctors will have a child.It is necessary to choose a position in which the child will first suck the milk from the milk of the affected stroke.First, it will cause pain, then - quick relief.

When uninfected mastitis necessarily need to keep breastfeeding, offering the child is often affected breast.Additionally, you need to use a gentle massage of the affected area, from the periphery to the nipple in a circular motion.Apply folk remedies: cooling compresses chipped cabbage leaf, honey cakes, cheese cool.Compresses are applied to twenty minutes between feedings.

If fever lasts more than a day - please refer to mammologu or gynecologist.The doctor prescribe treatment based on breastfeeding and select antibiotic Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , which is safe for the child.

abscess treated only surgically.But, fortunately, and it develops infrequently.

Svetlana Shimkovich