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breast symptoms Symptoms of mastitis can occur in one breast or in both.As a rule, they are the most visible before menstruation.


most common symptoms of mastitis are:

  • edema and / or inflammation of the breast;
  • tenderness or breast tenderness.The pain of mastitis is usually described as a dull, heavy and aching;
  • nodules in the breast, which often can be felt through the skin.They are more or less dense and mobile.Sedentary seals that are attached and if the muscles in the chest, with symptoms of cancer are often cancer symptoms: to recognize the disease - a guarantee of recovery Symptoms of cancer: time to recognize the disease - a guarantee of recovery , instead of mastitis.Nodules in the breasts may grow and shrink during each menstrual cycle.

Many women notice the first symptoms of mastitis at after thirty years, when hormonal system once again begins to rebuild.Generally, these symptoms should not cause concern.Breast, as a rule, is not a serious offense.If you notice symptoms of mastitis fourteen days or less before the start of menstruation, wait the end of menstruation.Often symptoms then become less pronounced.


In these cases should consult a doctor

  • Along with the seals in the chest and breast soreness you may experience a delay monthly month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? .This may not be a sign of mastitis and pregnancy;
  • Along with symptoms of mastitis have any showing signs of chest infections, e.g., inflammation, redness, and possibly fever;
  • You were discharge from the nipple with traces of blood or pus like;
  • for two weeks or more in the breast from time to time appears a sharp pain;
  • Persistent or increasing pain in both breasts, especially if the pain is localized at a specific location;
  • size of the lump does not change after a month;
  • noticeably change the size, shape and / or color of the nipple.

In most cases, the nodules in the breast is the only symptom of mastitis.Usually it is a violation does not affect the overall health of women.

Symptoms of mastitis usually disappear after menopause.If post-menopausal breast seal seal in the chest - a reason to turn to mammologu The seal in the chest - a reason to turn to mammologu persist, especially if there are new, you must immediately consult your doctor, as this may be a sign of cancer Malignant tumor: cellswent crazy Malignant tumor: cells are mad .

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