Bottle for the baby - they do not make the wrong choice

baby bottle bottle for an infant baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger - a thing absolutely necessary, even if it is breastfed.Child need to drink some water, sometimes a mother just need to absent himself from home and then going into a sterile bottle breast milk.A constituent element of a bottle nipple - it, as well as a bottle, you need to choose carefully.

Types of feeding bottles

Basically, all the bottles for feeding children are divided into glass and plastic.And they both have their advantages.The glass bottle is better washed, sterilized and well for a long time serve.Modern plastic bottles proven firms (Cicco, Avent, Dr. Brown and others) does not yield a glass and have additional advantages - they are lightweight, unbreakable.These bottles will last as long as the child does not learn to drink from a cup himself.But there are cheap plastic products that crack after several sterilizations and unsafe for children.

bottles also come in one piece and collapsible.Collapsible bottles are easier to clean, they will not exactly milk residues, which breed bacteria.

The shape and volume of the bottle can be different: straight, curved, with a wide neck and narrow.Of course, more convenient bottle with a wide neck, they are easier to clean.The curved shape of the bottle is convenient when feeding the baby in her arms: on the one hand, the mother holding the baby in the other - a bottle that is not necessary to lift when it is emptied.

Sometimes bottles have different patterns on the quality products they are applied resistant and safe colors that are not erased when washing and sterilization Sterilization - maybeand the time Sterilization - may be temporarily and are not toxic for the baby.

nipple on the bottle feeding

pacifier invented two hundred years ago, and before that artificial feeding was extremely rare.If the child still had to be fed cow's milk, this is done through a cloth, lowered into the bottle.

nipples on bottles quality in recent years, made of synthetic materials (silicone and latex).The special shape of the nipple and sizes for different ages well affect the formation of children's dentition, sucking a pacifier most close to the physiological act of breastfeeding mothers.These nipples have a ready-made holes - the smaller the child, the less holes.Holes with use nipples do not increase in size ("not dissolve") - do not allow the material from which the manufactured pacifiers, and the laser deposition method at the nipple holes.

Some bottles are made so that prevent air from entering the gastrointestinal tract of the child during feeding.They call protivokolikovymi (it swallowed during feeding air often cause bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside and colic in infants).The nipples in these bottles do not stick together, as equipped with special valves, and the child is not necessary to interrupt the sucking, swallowing air at the same time.

Choose a bottle for the baby

Buy baby feeding bottles Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice need or the pharmacy or in a specialized children's stores - it is necessary to ensure the quality of purchasedproducts.

for a young child who can not yet hold a bottle yourself, better fit small (100-150 ml) glass bottles - they are well washed and sterilized, and this is the main criterion for the child's first months of life.As the child is trying to keep myself a bottle and drink from it - it can be allowed, but only under adult supervision, because a child can accidentally choke, vomit, and so on.These children are more suitable light plastic bottles larger volume (200-250 ml).Some children prefer to drink from the bottle flat, while others - from the curved.But try to avoid impassable bottles, made in the form of various animals: usually wash them very hard, and if the bottle will be food, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

If you buy a collapsible bottle, it is necessary to disassemble and reassemble, making sure the bottle is easy to assemble and disassemble, firmly closing all openings.Such bottles are also convenient in that they are more stable.

not worth saving on the purchase of feeding bottles.Products known companies more expensive, but last longer and its security, you can be absolutely sure.Companies such as, for example, Cicco, Avent makes the calculation is the quality of their products and to invest big money in the development of new materials and forms of safe children's dishes.

It would be nice, along with a bottle purchase a special sterilizer for processing - it is very convenient, saves a lot of time and give confidence that a young child does not receive a nedomytoy utensils of any infection.

Galina Romanenko