Highchairs: gatherings

highchairs first furniture - the most important in a child's life.And not because it is the first, but because it brings it to a new stage of human development - the person sitting.Furniture today offers a lot of options for children's chairs - in particular, high chairs.Parents who buy their child his first chair, it is important to consider several factors purchase.In addition to meeting price and quality, chair must match the child's age and his physical development.After the first furniture - a decisive moment in the formation of posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight .

untie the hands

Sitting baby starts before going, therefore, to inculcate the culture of sitting parents can (and must) up to when the child makes the first steps.An excellent option such gatherings is a children's highchair.Baby sitting as adults at the table, we emphasize the role of the little man in the family.In addition, highchair literally unleashes mother who can feed her child full of a spoon or control the process of self-eating child.

Chairs for feeding (depending on model) are designed for children of different ages.Pediatricians are advised to use such furniture only when the baby is able to sit, ie 5-6 months.At an early age the child chair to anything: this is due to an inability to hold back elementary.

Caution: scoliosis

Being on a chair (and more specifically - in the stool) child should not exceed 30 minutes at a time: 10 minutes before and after feeding (adjustment period before and after the meal), and 20minutes during most of the meal.Overdoing the chair is unsafe.First, the child may be bored, from which he will make every attempt to get out of the chair.Second, children's immature bone formation which lasts 15-16 years inclusive, during prolonged sitting may take the wrong, twisted position.As a result - Scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved Scoliosis - when the spine is curved (disease of the spine and pelvis).Children's doctors indicate that scoliosis to some extent today suffers every second child.And the roots of this disease go into early childhood.For the prevention of scoliosis (in connection with the use of a highchair) parents are advised to make your child a little massage - after the "get-togethers."Five minutes of relaxation on her mother's fingers - both pleasant and helpful.

Highly sit ...

So, the next question in terms of the choice of children's furniture Children's furniture - made with love Children will chair model: high - low, wooden - iron on the legs - on wheels ... It all depends on your imagination (and the volume of the purse).But there are requirements to which pediatricians advise all parents to listen completely.

Structural stability, locking brake (if a chair on wheels), seat belts, anatomic insertion to separate the legs (which provides the baby the most comfortable position and further hold it in a chair) - the main components of the safety chair for feeding.The material from which the chair is made must be safe.In this mode, temperaturnosoblyudayuschem wood or plastic.The seat should be at the back, but always soft.

chair height depends on the height of the table at which the child eats.If this is a children's room furniture - chair should be low."Adult" table requires a high location.Given the options, the manufacturer offers to the consumer model of the sliding chair.In addition, a highchair at a low mode (if it involves touch the floor feet) can be used as a walker.And that - a great rehearsal for the future "pedestrian"!

Do not forget that a bulky chair - not only inconvenient to use, but also spoil the interior of a room, kitchen.In addition, the chair can make your own hands dad (grandpa) baby.It's enough to look through some specialized magazine (a la economics) and turn sharpness.Chair "from the Pope" will not only save the household budget, but also brought together parents and child to understand.

Irina Maksimenko