Changing tables - what model to choose?

changing tables After giving birth, the family becomes for him the necessary things and objects of care.Recently, before parents often raises the question: should we buy a changing table, or you can do "improvised" means a chest or desk.And if you still decided to buy something on which model is better to stop?

Convenience or just extra furniture?

Many parents do not really visualize what a changing table and what functions it can perform.Therefore, the first reaction of parents is negative: why is it necessary?But if we turn to a specialty store (and they are only in the big cities) or to resort to using the Internet, you can see how a variety of models (both in their functions, and price) are available to us today.There are classic

changing tables, and there are models that can hardly be called a changing table, as they include dressers, swimming baths, lots of fast opening drawers and trays and so on.In such multi-table can contain child underwear and all hygiene which is so convenient to have on hand when swaddling.The advantage of the classic changing table changing table - facilitate the care of the baby Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby is that it can be selected on the growth of the mother, so that when the swaddling and holding hygiene child (which is required to do many times a day) does not bendback.

Model changing table should be chosen depending on how much space in your child's room can be allocated under it.Least of all will take place swaddling board, more - multifunctional changing table with chest of drawers and tray for bathing.Changing tables are often equipped with special wheels that make it easy to move them from place to place.

model proposed changing tables

Industries offers a range of changing tables.Let's try to sort out some models, starting with the simplest and ending multifunctional.

swaddling board.This is usually a wooden board with a special smooth coating is protected on three sides rounded bumpers.The model is convenient because it takes virtually no space: it can be put on the table, on the bed, put near the wall.But there is no longer question of where to store linens and baby hygiene kits.This board is comfortable in a small apartment.

classic changing table, side table with legs.In this model, a horizontal board with rounded bumpers provided shelves on which you can put all the things a child must always be at his swaddling.The very horizontal surface for changing can be fixed mattress covered with a washable surface.Often these tables are equipped with wheels with brakes, by which a table becomes stable.

swaddling board at a special leg which can fold and unfold.The process of folding and unfolding is carried out easily, one or two movements.The table is convenient because it is light and does not take up much space in the room.The drawback is that not all models of this type are stable.

Special dresser having a horizontal surface with borders.The model is convenient because it can be used after the child will grow up as a normal chest.

changing table to a bed and a dresser.This model is convenient, but it takes a lot of space, so it is better to buy in if the apartment allows you to allocate a few extra meters.

Changing Tables with Bath.This is one of the most popular models to date.It is convenient if the apartment has a large bathroom, which can accommodate more furniture.In this model, bath and changing table are at a comfortable height, there are boxes and trays for storage of linen and hygiene items.

changing table that can be converted into a desk or nightstand when the child grows up.The model is comfortable, there is room to accommodate all care items.

Some domestic and foreign companies offer other less common models, you just need to choose the right model, necessary for you.

Choose a changing table

choosing a changing table, you need to decide in advance what you want to be and what the quality of a model is worth paying attention.Easy changing table must be stable (folding tables should be provided with brakes) and match the growth of mother - is the main condition.

should also pay attention to how the table will be safe for the baby: over its surface must not have any structures, if the folding table is good if it is secured when unfolded as available for child seats are arranged to store creams and other hygiene products.One of the conditions of security - the material from which made the table, no plastic - it must be made of wood, covered with a smooth safe material (eg, latex).

next step - check how the model changing table will be useful whether all the necessary items you can put in it, how quickly they can get it, how easy is open boxes, whether they have constraints (no stops box may fall out at the wrong time).

Many parents are convinced that the changing table - it is very convenient.

Galina Romanenko