Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby

Changing table Despite the fact that you can swaddle the baby on any horizontal surface, a changing table is to buy - it is very convenient.And if the room size and financial capabilities allow it to get, it's better to do.Drawers, removable trays, hangers, hooks for towels, laundry basket, pockets for toiletries - all these little things, of course, greatly facilitate the care of the baby.

Why does he need

changing table - it is usually a small stable table, where you can perepelenat child to hold his little hygiene or medical procedures.This de table there are a number of departments where you can store all the necessary accessories for these procedures.

So you need a table, or you can do without it, adapting to the needs of the child's pre-existing furniture?Probably everyone solves this problem in its own way.And yet, if the size of the room allow you to put a table, it certainly will not hurt, and here's why:

  • changing table has a height which allows a woman not to bend your back, swaddling the baby, and this is essential, as swaddleit and carry these or other treatments often have;
  • in changing table has a department in which you can store any accessories for the care of babies;
  • all changing tables are made so that prevent the fall of the baby: they have rounded safety bumpers to prevent accidental fall kid (nevertheless, it in no case can not be left alone on any surface);on some tables there are even special safety belts;tables are stable and are fixed on the surface of mattresses;
  • some changing tables have wheels, thanks to which they can be moved from place to place.

Forms changing tables

Currently, there is a great variety of changing tables Changing Tables - what model to choose? Changing tables - what model to choose? , which allows parents to buy exactly what they are best suited:

  • swaddling a wooden board with a latex coating and protective rounded bumpers;it can be placed on any surface, to fix her little mattress, lay a diaper;the board can be moved to any place unfortunately, no swaddling board departments for cosmetics;
  • swaddling board on folding metal legs;a lightweight table that can be easily folded and transported from place to place;Unfortunately, this table is not always stable;
  • changing table, shelves, which includes shelves, side trays, hangers;it is possible to combine all the things the child and the means to care for them;It moved easily, as is equipped with wheels with brakes that can lock a table in a particular place;
  • Changing Tables with Bath;very convenient for bathing the child and his health store items;but it takes a lot of space in the bathroom;bath located at a convenient height, mother do not have to bend down low to her;folding frame allows compact storage table when not in use;
  • special bumpers with a chest of drawers;very convenient, since it can be used as a changing table, and as a dresser;
  • combined children's bed with dresser and changing table;somewhat cumbersome but comfortable design;
  • changing table-transformer;pelenelny table with a bedside table, which is after the child grows up, can be used in a different capacity (such as a desk or table), but this would require additional details;
  • Inflatable changing mat can be used both independently and as a changing room for an additional bathroom, it is convenient to take with you on the road, store, transport (folded it does not take up much space and does not weigh down your luggage);on the edges of the mattress has inflatable trilateral border, which insures the baby from falling.

What to consider when choosing a changing table

Selecting any item for a newborn child - not an easy task, because you need to payattention to the fact that the table was not only convenient, but also safe for the child, and also houses the room where the newborn.When choosing a changing table to pay attention:

  • a height changing table - it has to match the growth of the mother;
  • on the stability of the changing table - this is very important for the life and safety of the child;
  • that above the changing table should be no shelves, including hinged - it also threatens the safety of the child;
  • if the table has a hinged lid, you need to pay attention to the good if it is fixed, and it does not endanger the child's life;
  • at how quickly and quietly opened all the drawers and trays, whether they have constraints that do not allow boxes to pop up in full;
  • storage hygiene products and supplies;
  • changing table should be made of wood or safe synthetic material (eg latex);mattress it should be well recorded and to be covered with water-repellent material;
  • if on the changing table has wheels for its movement, they should be equipped with brakes to lock it in place.

changing table - it is practical and convenient.

Galina Romanenko