Baby Massage - Is it necessary?

baby massage Massage children need, especially at an early age.The fact that the majority of newborns can be considered only conditionally and healthy role in their recovery is played by massage.

What gives a child baby massage?

  • Children under three years are often sick, this is due to the imperfection of immunity (defenses).In sickly children develop complications, even after the usual acute respiratory disease.Students have incorrect posture and flat, many of them suffer from chronic diseases.
  • As is known, the child is limited to a year in traffic, and this adversely affects their physical and mental development.During the movement going improvement of the musculoskeletal system as a working muscle blood rush, she is better supplied with nutrients and oxygen.With the reduction of the muscles in their places of attachment takes place irritation of the periosteum, which stimulates bone growth.
  • The training included the nervous system, normalization of the nervous processes of excitation and inhibition.
  • Massage also fulfills the function of improving the sensitivity of the child, while the gentle touch to the skin he has a sense of comfort and psychological protection.
  • Under the influence of massage accelerates the flow of lymph (tissue by accelerating the release of metabolic products), small blood vessels dilate (improved nutrition of tissues), normal activity of the intestines (flatulence disappears, which is so often troubled kids).

Rules of massage

  • massage should not be performed on an empty stomach or immediately after meals, and after a night's sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .
  • massage session should be conducted in a well-ventilated room.
  • Massage should deliver the child pleasure;We can not deal with a crying baby massage.
  • Massage is an excellent preparation to the gym, so the beginning is always held baby massage Baby massage - what is its benefit to the baby Baby massage - what its good for your baby , then gymnastics.
  • We must remember that a baby, especially in the first months, the skin is dry, thin, easily vulnerable.Therefore, first massage techniques must be gentle (stroking), then you can gradually introduce other: rubbing, kneading, vibration.Slowly increasing intensity and duration of the procedure.
  • The massage is necessary to spare the liver area and not to touch the genitals;pat at the back to spare the kidneys;at the foot massage should be avoided shocks in the kneecap does not affect the front of the leg and inner thigh.

This shows baby massage

In early childhood, along with massage exercises can be applied to six weeks of age as a means of strengthening and proper physical development of the body of the child.In special indications massage can be appointed in the earlier periods.Massage shown premature babies, in all cases, the backlog in the physical development of the child recovering from various diseases, rickets Rickets - all a matter of vitamins Rickets - all a matter of vitamins , underweight (but at a strong depletion of massage should not be done), tendency to obesity.Massage is widely used in pediatric orthopedic, neurological and surgical practice.

massage technique

  • massage technique involves the use of children in all four classic massage techniques (stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration).Stroking calm the nervous system and relaxes the muscles.This increases the oxygen consumption of tissues, increases metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , that is manifested by increased appetite, weight gain, improve the general condition.Stroking especially indicated when there is insufficient weight.
  • Rubbing causes a rush of blood to the skin and its redness.It is produced by one or two fingers in the circumferential direction.Grinding is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Kneading effect on deep-seated tissue, there is increased blood supply and nutrition, improves skin tone and contractility of the muscles.
  • Vibration - energetic welcome, accompanied by shaking the underlying tissue, it is used only for special reasons.It is indicated for children with overweight and to strengthen the spine.

This baby massage is contraindicated

sick children massage is also needed, as well as healthy, he is by special techniques.But there are a number of diseases in which massage is contraindicated:

  • all acute diseases (colds, infections);
  • severe exhaustion;
  • purulent skin lesions, subcutaneous tissue, lymph nodes and other organs and tissues;
  • rickets during the height of the disease (increased fragility of bones);
  • congenital heart disease (Severe);
  • severe diathesis (allergic skin rash);
  • large umbilical, inguinal and scrotal hernia.

Remember, health is formed in the first years of life, and only later corrected the error.

Galina Romanenko