Toys for babies - that is necessary for your chubby little boy?

Toys for babies said that the game - it is a real children's work.Young children - a bundle of energy cosmic scale, and they are usually very active and mobile.They are motivated by one desire - to explore all around the world to know.Children struggling to find ways to power applications, they are constantly engaged in some important business that something pulled, pushed, dragged from place to place, pull, fill and empty.

But children need to develop not only the physical activity they need and intellectual stimulation.At an early age their curiosity sharpened, they tend to touch and investigate everything they see.Modern toys are made based on the results of extensive research on the development of children.Baby toys stimulate the development of abilities in the first months of life, when it begins to form his personality.Toys made in view of the child's needs at every stage of development, from infancy onward.

Guide for Parents

In the first six months of life, the child is in the role of pioneer.Toddler opens her first terra incognita - your own body, learning to use the hands, legs, eyes and other senses.These daily discovery of lead in kid's delight, every time he is happy to find the connection between cause and effect, and gradually begins to navigate the world.Children prefer toys that respond to their actions, favorite colors - red, blue and yellow.Therefore, the greatest joy in the kids toys cause simple design of bright contrasting colors.Toys should be light, soft, easy and convenient to use.

  • Toys, make noise: high playpen with lights, flashlights and music and moving toy allows your child to observe the movement of toys and follow the lights.
  • Interactive toys when baby learns to walk, he is still unstable on his feet, but, nevertheless, can not sit still.Buy your child a horse - it is easy to climb, and wheels provide stability.Interactive toys are often equipped with comfortable handles, holders for cups and bottles, baskets of things and an audible signal.
  • Cubes and simple puzzles: a set of wooden blocks that are easy to pack and move in the pyramid - the perfect children's toy.The size of the cubes are usually adapted to the growth of the baby.Game cubes contribute to the development of fine motor skills.There are a number of interactive gaming model, with which the child quickly learn the alphabet (for example, songs with the letters of the alphabet, coloring, etc.).You can find a lot of blocks, through which many children learn to distinguish shapes and colors.Toys with surprise, floating toys, large light balls and plastic toys, which can go - that pets polutoragodovalogo age children.
  • Musical toys: musical mobile toys, appropriate to the age and developmental level of the child can be found in abundance.In such toys are usually installed program with tunes from lullabies Lullabies: universal hypnotic Lullabies: universal hypnotic to popular classics that will soothe a crying baby.Such toys harmoniously combine mobility and music.As children get older the color of toy may vary from black and white to vivid graphic design.

How to choose a toy

  • size of toys: toys for all young children, usually large, so that the child accidentally swallowed a toy.
  • Sharp edges and protrusions: a toy should be streamlined, no sharp drones.This is very important because all children love to taste and pop into your mouth.There is always the danger of falling child a toy that can also be dangerous if the toy has sharp edges or protrusions.
  • Carefully read the information on the packaging of toys: the label or package usually indicate whether the toy presents a risk to the health of the child.Typically, these warnings can be found on toys consisting of several small parts intended for children under three years.A similar warning on the packaging and there is electric toys.
  • Volume control: if you buy a toy with sound, make sure that it is equipped with a volume control, as it is very loud toys can permanently damage the hearing of a child who at this tender age is still very sensitive.
  • Toxic materials: when purchasing a painting set, make sure that they do not contain toxic chemicals.Make sure that they are perfectly safe, even if accidentally get into the baby's mouth.

best bath toys

Toys for swimming - a rubber duck and a traditional and high-tech toys, created to meet the needs of the modern child.The pleasure of swimming will increase many times if the baby in the tub will be accompanied by colored ducklings, frogs, fish, rubber and other fun animals.

  • volume label with the image of funny animals awaken interest in kids to swim.These labels are glued to the wet wall and can be easily removed when the wall dries.
  • time swimming can be an hour of music, if you use the water toys, musical instruments (for example, water flute) and configure them so that they made different notes.
  • inflatable toys (such as circles, boats and even racing cars) will make bathing fun.
  • girls while swimming you can take the game with the Bobblehead - ask your daughter to atone for her favorite doll and she must cease to be capricious.On sale you can find a bathing suit dolls, toy shampoo and soap.