Syphilis in children: how the disease appears

syphilis in children syphilis in children often is innate, give the child the mother of syphilis during prenatal development.Occasionally there are also cases of acquired syphilis infection occurs while household way with a kiss through the dishes, spoons and any other items which could get separated from the skin of elements of syphilis.


Congenital syphilis in children

Congenital syphilis in children is the result of transmission of syphilis from sick mother to child during fetal development.When congenital syphilis Congenital syphilis - infection of the fetus in utero from sick mother may be affected placenta and fetus.Congenital syphilis can also manifest itself in infants, young children and in children after four years.

disease begins with infection of the placenta.Syphilis placenta manifested as edema of the placenta and reduce its ability to pass through the blood nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.Syphilis causes the placenta, which is 6-7 months pregnant dramatically disturbed nutrition of the fetus, resulting in miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? .But developing miscarriage is not always, and sometimes the child continues to develop in utero and had syphilis, the fetus develops - there syphilitic lesions of many organs and systems, sometimes incompatible with life.

syphilis in newborns - a continuation of fetal syphilis.Symptoms of syphilis infant - is pemphigus newborns, which after a while replaced papular rash and damage internal organs.At the age of one to four years of congenital syphilis proceeds just like infants, but with less severe symptoms.

Late congenital syphilis in children develops after the age of four years.Often the disease first manifests itself in a few years or even decades after the birth.Symptoms of late congenital syphilis can be reliable and credible.The former include features specific to syphilis - Hutchinson triad: visual disturbances, irregular teeth and labyrinthine deafness.By the probable signs of late miscarriage are congenital curvature of the nose (saddle nose), saber shin yagoditseobrazny skull and so on.

There are also the stigmata of congenital late syphilis: thickening of the sternal end of the clavicle, the increase in the parietal and frontal skull mounds, high (or Gothic lancet) hard palate and so on.


acquired syphilis in children: symptoms

acquired syphilis in children is the consequence of non-compliance with contracting domestic hygiene in a family where someone has syphilis.Often infection occurs when a child a kiss, direct skin contact with the skin of the patient child through toys, underwear and so on.

develops syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus children in the same way as in adults.It begins with the appearance on the place of introduction of infection chancre (primary syphilis).After the chancre disappears, the skin of the child appears abundant spotted, papular or pustular rash - a sign that an infectious agent in a large amount is in the blood (secondary fresh syphilis).

After some time passes, and the rash begins the latent period of the disease - a sign that the immune system coped with its task and destroyed the majority of infectious agents.But after a while treponemy again begin to multiply, and a recurrence of the disease.There may be several relapses, until finally win immunity and the disease will not go into a new stage - the stage of tertiary syphilis Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease with lesions of the skin, internal organs and nervous system syphilides (tubercles and gum) formedagainst the backdrop of heightened sensitivity to Treponema pallidum.


treatment of syphilis in children

treatment of syphilis in children should begin as soon as possible.In this case, it will be possible to achieve complete cure of a child suffering, both congenital and acquired forms of syphilis, not leading to the development of serious complications.

treatment of syphilis in children conducted by the Ministry of Health approved schemes.The therapy is based on antibiotics penicillin group to which syphilis exhibit stable sensitivity over time.Furthermore, appointed immunomodulators, restorative treatment, local procedures, if the skin has open sores.

With proper and adequate treatment is quite possible to get rid of syphilis.Unfortunately, with the help of treatment will not be able to change the structural damage in the body of the child, arose during the prenatal period.

syphilis in children - a phenomenon not often, but parents should be aware that a child infected with syphilis is quite possible, if you do not comply with all the necessary safety measures.

Galina Romanenko