Congenital syphilis - infection of the fetus in utero from sick mother

congenital syphilis Congenital syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus - a serious disease that is transmitted from sick mother to the fetus.With early detection and treatment of congenital syphilis is possible to get rid of the infection.But the changes that have already occurred in the organs and systems of the body can not be reverse development.


Congenital syphilis: Causes and classification of

Congenital syphilis infection develops in the fetus from the mother's syphilis.The following types of congenital syphilis: early fetal congenital syphilis, syphilis infants, syphilis early childhood (from one to four years) and late congenital syphilis.

there hereditary syphilis, ie the ability to transmit the disease with the help of gametes?The issue today is not fully understood.Some researchers believe that syphilis causes chromosomal abnormalities in the composition of germ cells and therefore can be inherited.Other researchers have also completely reject the hereditary transmission of the disease.


Early congenital syphilis, the fetus

syphilis lesions of the placenta leads to malnutrition and death of the fetus at 24-30 weeks of gestation.Earlier fetal death associated with toxic effects on the fetus toxins infectious agents - pale treponem.

When syphilis affects the fetus all its organs and systems, resulting in fetal death or death of the child shortly after birth.But sometimes the child manages to survive, and then talk about syphilis infants.


Congenital syphilis infants

disease syphilis is a continuation of the fetus.The first symptoms usually appear in the first days or weeks after birth.A child is born sluggish, with loose skin, not breastfeeding, constantly shouting unjustly.Often these children are born with a variety of neurological disorders such as hydrocephalus (water on the brain).

The most characteristic manifestation of congenital syphilis is pemphigus newborns.In some cases, children are born with pemphigus, the disease manifests itself in the other a few days or weeks.At the same time on the skin of the palms and soles, in the legs, arms, at least - on the face and torso bubbles appear on a dense basis size from a few mm to 1 cm.

Bubbles initially filled with clear content, which in a few days becomes purulent, and thenit appears admixture of blood.The contents of a large number of bubbles detected pale treponem.After a while, the bubbles burst, ulcers are formed, which are then covered by a crust after falling off which remains on the skin pigmentation.

the second or third month of life the child appears papular rash all over the body.Often affects the mucous membranes in the form of rhinitis Rhinitis: a runny nose - is seriously Rhinitis: a runny nose - is quite serious and laryngitis Laryngitis - deadly Laryngitis - deadly , as well as internal organs - liver, spleen, kidneys, blood vessels, brain, organs of sightand hearing.


Symptoms of congenital syphilis early childhood (from one to four years)

This form of syphilis also manifests as congenital syphilis infants, but with less severe symptoms.The skin and mucous membranes of the child appear papular-pustular eruptions.Papules often located around the anus, in the natural folds of the skin (in the neck, underarm area) in the mouth.Possible destruction of nearby lymph nodes Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system , liver, kidneys, nervous and bone and joint systems.


Late congenital syphilis: symptoms

disease manifests itself after four years, it is sometimes the first symptoms appear within a few decades after the birth.Congenital syphilis is a late resembles acquired tertiary syphilis.All of the symptoms of this form of syphilis is divided into unconditional or authentic and credible, including the stigmata.

to reliable signs include Hutchinson's triad: syphilitic eye disease (parenchymatous keratitis), tooth (Hutchinson's teeth - two upper central incisors are broad at the base and narrower at the edge of a crescent-notch) and hearing aids (labyrinthine deafness).

to the likely features include nose deformity (saddle nose), saber shin and some other features that are taken into account only in conjunction with the data confirming the presence of syphilis (eg, laboratory data).


diagnosis of congenital syphilis

diagnosis of congenital syphilis is established on the basis of clinical and serological screening age-appropriate.Serological tests for early congenital syphilis is usually positive.Late congenital syphilis, they can be negative, so important are reliable and credible signs of congenital syphilis.


Treatment of congenital syphilis

Treatment of congenital syphilis should be initiated as early as possible - in this case, perhaps a full recovery.The changes occurred during the Late congenital syphilis, are not subjected to reverse development.

Galina Romanenko