Lactase Baby: How to use biologically active food supplements

Lactase baby how to apply Lactase Baby - how to use the dietary supplements?Who can use it?At the manufacturer's instructions indicate that a dose of lactase Baby depends on the amount consumed baby milk or other dairy products.The manual also states how to apply this dietary supplement for children of all ages.


Lactase deficiency - what is it?

lactase - an enzyme that is produced in the surface layers of the walls of the small intestine and breaks down milk sugar (lactose) into two simple sugars - glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source and galactose.If this cleavage does not occur, lactose moves through the intestines and causes it fermentation processes: flatulence, loose or frequent stools his absence, intestinal colic.Lack laktyzy (lactase deficiency - LN) is a congenital or acquired or primary - secondary.

Primary lactase deficiency - a condition in which reduced activity of the enzyme lactase, but its producing cells of the small intestine (enterocytes) are not damaged.This is a congenital condition, sometimes hereditary (family), but it occurs very rarely.

much more common transient (transient) lactase deficiency Such a violation is typical of premature babies or full-term, but immature.This happens because the lactase activity in utero increases very slowly and only reaches the required level to 37-40 week.Therefore, in preterm infants almost always have transient LN, which eventually passes.

Secondary lactase deficiency develops after some previous disease, it is associated with damage to the enterocytes.This condition can develop after a previous infection, intolerance of child cow's milk protein, chronic enterocolitis, allergic processes in the intestine against the backdrop of a food allergy, atrophic changes in the intestinal wall (for example, after a long period of total parenteral nutrition, when the patient is unconscious and is poweredin the form of infusions), and so on.

Lactase deficiency can manifest itself part of the liquid foamy chair with an acidic smell, or persistent constipation, anxiety of the child during or after feeding, bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside and intestinal colic in a child behind him in the physicaldevelopment.The older the child becomes and drains more milk, the more symptoms of LN.


Coping with lactase deficiency

matter is LN innate or transient, the child needs help.If you do not, transient LN can move into the secondary due to damage to the enterocytes.So what to do with the FN, the signs of which are beginning to gradually increase after giving birth?Especially expressed LN in children are breastfed, because human milk contains more milk sugar (lactose) than in cow.So it may be worth to switch to bottle-feeding?

No way.Today it is possible to compensate for LF, introducing baby at each feeding lactase.One of the products containing lactase is Lactase supplements Baby.Dosage of BUD is selected individually for each child's pediatrician.If true LN its dosage increases as the baby drains more milk.When transient lactase Baby LN dosage is gradually reduced due to the fact that the mature enzyme systems own child.

children with FN who are bottle-fed, individually selected mixture with the maximum tolerated amount of lactose (too low content of lactose is undesirable), and only in extreme cases, prescribe a mixture of lactose-free


How to use lactase Baby

very importantBaby lactase used correctly - depends on the effectiveness of Bad.Before serving Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice should decant about 15 ml of milk, pour it appointed pediatrician lactase Baby - it should be emptied out of the capsule.Lactase Lactase Baby Baby - biologically active food supplement for children Lactase Baby - biologically active food supplement for children quickly dissolves in breast milk, then the expressed milk should be left to stand for five minutes - the time needed for fermentation, ie the breakdown of carbohydrates contained in the front milk.Once the fermentation is over, give the child expressed milk and apply it to his chest.

This procedure should be carried out at each feeding - pass receiving enzyme will cause the baby bloating and intestinal cramps.


Application lactase Baby after a year

After a year of a child consumes much less milk and dairy products.But totally abandon them still not worth it.Instead of milk, such a child should be administered in the diet of dairy products, which contain about twice less lactose than whole milk.As a dietary supplement to the food these children under the age of seven years can be given lactase Baby individually selected dosage.

Galina Romanenko