Treatment of cough in children - is to look for the cause

Treatment of cough in children Cough - one of the most common problems in children, and sometimes difficult to treat cough.Coughing is usually exposed to young children.Very often, the cough disturbs normal sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams child and prevent him play and socialize with their peers.Cough brings a lot of inconvenience, not only children but also parents.

Causes of cough in children

cough in children can be caused by a variety of causes, including infections (both viral and bacterial), irritation of the upper respiratory tract (caused by breathing cold air, smoke, falling intoairway foreign body), allergies, asthma and psychological factors (the so-called "out of habit cough").

By far the most common cause of cough in children is considered to be a viral infection, because the cough is usually a symptom of colds.The second most common cause of cough in children - asthma.Other causes of cough caused relatively rare.

symptoms of cough in children

nature of the child's cough and any related symptoms vary depending on the cause of cough.Thus, cough caused by cold, normally wet, sometimes with mucus.Frequent colds cough is worse at night, because when a child falls, mucus from the back of the nose and mouth gets into the windpipe and interfere with normal breathing.This cough can persist for six weeks after the disappearance of all the other cold symptoms.

asthmatic cough is worse at night and the origin after exercise.Your child has wheezing and difficulty breathing, shortness of breath.Barking, hoarse cough may indicate that the child has the croup (acute laryngitis Laryngitis - deadly Laryngitis - deadly or laryngotracheitis, spasmodic phenomena accompanied by stenosis of the larynx).

sudden cough with wheezing that occurs after an attack of breathlessness may indicate inhalation child a foreign object.

If a child has had a bad cold, which came after a long and exhausting bouts of barking whooping cough, maybe he is sick with pertussis this pest, pest whooping ... This pest, pest whooping ... (acute infectious disease).

Children under twelve months of cough associated with shortness of breath can be caused by bronchiolitis (acute inflammation of the bronchial tubes, a severe form of acute bronchitis).Teenagers and older children cough may develop into a habit.

When should you see a doctor

must show the child's doctor if:

  • cough lasts longer than a week or more after the disappearance of the other symptoms of the common cold;
  • cough sudden and convulsive;
  • cough interferes with the child to sleep and lead a normal life;
  • a child having difficulty breathing (dyspnea);
  • cough is accompanied by fever;
  • during a coughing child's skin changes color, strong pale or turn blue.

In most cases, cough in children does not require medical intervention, if not accompanied by other symptoms or disorders.

diagnosis of cough in children

Generally, for the diagnosis of cough in children do not need any tests or examinations.The doctor will examine the child will write when cough or any other symptoms.Based on these data and diagnose.

In some cases, such as if the child had pneumonia Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes , or there is a possibility that he could have swallowed or inhaled foreign object, the doctor prescribes a chest x-ray.To detect infection prescribe a blood test.

Treatment of cough in children

If the cough is caused by a child's asthma, prescribe medication, depending on the nature and degree of symptoms and the age of the child.

cough occurs most often after colds and needs no specific treatment.In this case, most children do not require antibiotics, because the initial infection was caused by a virus, and antibiotics kill the bacteria.Most likely, this is caused by prolonged cough, irritation of the respiratory tract, rather than the current infection.

cough medicines and expectorants (drugs that should help expectoration of mucus from the lungs and respiratory tract) is not particularly affect the cough.Steam inhalers and air humidifiers also have no effect on the cough and help in its treatment.In addition, a small child might accidentally swallow the solution inhaler (usually containing menthol or eucalyptus), or burn the respiratory tract.

Honey helps to reduce the severity and duration of cough.Please note that honey should not be given to children younger than one year because of the risk of infant botulism (a rare but dangerous form of food poisoning).

colds cough usually goes away on its own over time, regardless of treatment or lack thereof.

prevention of cough in children

If the cough is caused by a child's asthma, it can be prevented with appropriate treatment.
You can minimize the risk of inhalation of foreign bodies, not allowing young children to eat nuts or play with small objects that can be inhaled.Unfortunately, cough caused by viral infection can not be prevented.