The treatment of stuttering - it is important to find the cause

stuttering treatment

Oddly enough, but faced with the problem of stuttering is not only children but also adults.This speech disorder in most cases takes place without any treatment prior to the time that the child goes to school, but in adults the situation is different, because they suffer from stuttering for many years.Nevertheless, we should not lose heart, because today there are many methods for correction of stuttering, but use them with caution, as in the case of addiction relapses.

Is there a cure?

This leads to an important question.Do I need to apply the methods for correcting stammering or better come to terms with the idea that it is good?Experts' opinions differ on this issue.The main task for people suffering from stuttering, - improving fluency, and this requires a modification of the nature of the question.In particular, it is recommended to start sentences with simple words, use of one- and two-syllable words, stretch sounds, speak slowly and do more pauses between phrases and sentences.

If you're willing to put up with stuttering, use the method of changing the nature of stuttering.His goal - to relieve stuttering, get rid of the fear and avoidance behavior.It is assumed that stuttering will never be able to get rid of the problem, therefore, must learn to communicate, despite the stuttering.It is recommended to stutter easily change behavior and attitudes towards stuttering Stuttering - when you need a comprehensive approach Stuttering - when you need a comprehensive approach (not to avoid speech situations, words, etc.).This method comprises four steps: identification, desensitization, modification and stabilization.

At identify you define the situations and events that make you stutter.In the second stage, when you can say, you tell others about their speech disorder, and ask to treat this problem with understanding.At the stage of modification you learn to speak and to pause, during which pick up the lighter words.The final step is an extended version of the third and is aimed at securing the result.

Formation of normal speech - a correction method of stuttering, which teaches during speech activity to relax the vocal cords, control breathing and articulation.Stuttered taught diaphragmatic breathing, taught gradually increase the tension of the vocal cords in the pronunciation of the first sound of the word and stretch vowels.Thanks to this method of correction you speak more slowly, but correctly and without repeats.

How effective methods of correction?

Sometimes both methods are used, it is not always effective, because they are focused on the opposite problem.Some adults are turning to computer programs and electronic devices to treat stuttering.Their operating principle is built on the timing of the speech and hearing centers of man.Stutters speaks into the microphone, and the program will automatically retains his speech for a split second.Hearing your voice with a slight delay, the person trying to adjust to it, and it becomes smooth and continuous.According to experts, this method reduces the speech defect correction by 70-80% without any additional treatment.

adults also indicated medical treatment based on taking anticonvulsants and tranquilizers hindering psyche (dopamine antagonists).The problem of medical treatment for stuttering is that these drugs have serious side effects and affect the entire body.Moreover, the effectiveness of this method is only 50% and it does not provide long-term outcome.

Unfortunately, a universal method for the treatment of stuttering does not exist.The procedure was successfully used to treat one patient to another is inefficient.Adults are recommended to use multiple methods of treatment of stuttering, in particular, to combine the methods of formation of normal speech and methodology changes in the nature of stuttering.The combination of these two techniques will help you learn fluent speech connected with occasional episodes of stuttering.

Alternative techniques

  • Yoga is an excellent method of regaining control of the body and calm the nerves.With the help of yoga and breathing exercises you can learn to control the rate of speech.
  • Speech practice: practice your speech in front of a mirror.Try to control your speech, decide what words you are the hardest and work on their pronunciation.
  • Visualization: this technique gives excellent results in combination with meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit and is widely used for correction of stuttering and other speech disorders.Visualization is a form of self-hypnosis: stuttering is that he does not stammer, his voice smooth and correct.This technique is commonly used under the supervision of a specialist or a psychologist, but to see the results take a long time.