The temperature of a child - not recommended asprin

the temperature of a child body temperature can be measured in the mouth, armpit, ear, on the surface of the skin or in the rectum.Normal body temperature is from 36C to 36.8S.The temperature of the deep tissues of the body usually changes very little - it is maintained at a certain level due to the work of the special mechanisms of the body.

When the air temperature is high, the blood circulation in the skin is increased by the fact that the expanding variety of small blood vessels.Thus increased sweating and prevent an increase in body temperature.

In cold weather, the blood vessels in the skin constrict to keep the heat inside the body.If necessary, the body generates more heat - this is due to the tremor.Increased body temperature - is one of the defense mechanisms that the body uses to fight off viruses and bacteria.Many foreign organisms can not survive at high temperatures, so that in most cases the heat - is good.Of course, it impairs health, and there is the temptation to take some medicine to bring down the temperature.In most cases, this is undesirable, because this way you prevent the body to do its job.

Some children with increasing temperature convulsions.It is very scares parents, but, fortunately, rare.If these frightening symptoms is not observed, to give the baby fever can be optional.

That part of the brain that controls body temperature, the children are not fully developed.This means that the child's body temperature can rapidly increase or decrease, and more sensitive to the ambient temperature, than an adult.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to alleviate the condition of the child at higher temperatures - take off some of his clothes.Of course, it is suitable only if it has no chill and the room where it is warm.

temperature measurement in the child


Common mercury thermometers is now used less and less.They are reliable, but the mercury when ingested is highly toxic.It can penetrate into the body through skin contact, ingestion or inhalation of its fumes.This risk is quite large, as the thermometer is very fragile, easy to break, and the child could easily bite him, intrigued by numbers and a great tip.However, since the creation of a completely secure environment is impossible and unnecessary, to give up the healthy thermometers are not necessary.But to buy the best digital thermometers - they are not only safer, but also easier to use and faster take readings.

using a thermometer can measure the temperature in the mouth, ear, rectum and armpit.What is the best?The most accurate results are obtained by measuring the temperature in the rectum.This metol often used in hospitals, but to apply it at home is not necessary because in most cases it is enough to approximate indications.Therefore it is possible to use a strip and which measures the body temperature on the surface of the body - this gives faster, although less accurate results.However, the exact temperature of the body, usually only need to know the doctors and only in exceptional cases.

usually at an elevated body temperature treatment is not required.Giving a fever can be only if the temperature exceeds 38C, and the child feels very bad.At the same time, your goal - only slightly lower temperature.With the help of medication, of course, possible to bring down the temperature How to bring down the temperature in the home - a variety of methods How to bring down the temperature in the home - a variety of methods to normal, but you will only alienate the child's recovery, as the heat - it's just a symptom of the disease, which does not mean the disappearance of the disease care.