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treatment celandine celandine has been known to man for thousands of years ago.Widely used treatment celandine in many countries, for example, in Greece, China, France, and so on.Today people still use this plant - someone collects and dries celandine yourself, then to cook from it tincture or broths, and someone buys a ready-made ointments, pills, lotions with celandine, which are quite effective in the treatment of many diseases.


Treatment bowel celandine

Animal studies have shown that the active substances, which are part of celandine may both stimulate and relax the gall bladder.It is known that various problems with the gall bladder can contribute to disruption of intestinal How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process .Currently, celandine is considered an effective treatment for dyspepsia - disorder in which there are various problems with digestion;it is also used to treat heartburn and gastric acidity.You can take a ready-made extracts, tincture or tablets celandine - in this case, follow the instructions on the packaging, or prepare an infusion of celandine own.Typically, an infusion made from the calculation of 0.5-1 teaspoon of celandine (fresh or dried) to a half cup of water.Celandine pour boiling water, give the brew for 20-30 minutes (in some people's recipes - two hours), and filter.In diseases of the bowel can drink 1-2 cups a day of infusion of celandine.

Remember that some bowel disease can not be cured solely by folk remedies, so before you start treatment celandine is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor.In addition, prolonged use of celandine Application celandine - a wide range of actions The use of celandine - a wide range of actions in large doses can lead to serious and potentially fatal liver problems.Although most people celandine Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries does not lead to any disruption of the liver, the risk is still there, so it is better to make under the supervision of a physician, and for a limited period of time.


adenoids Treatment of celandine

adenoids - a pathological enlargement of the tonsils, which can cause a variety of diseases, such as influenza, measles Measles in children - may cause serious complications Measles in children - may cause serious complications , and others.Celandine to treat adenoids can only be used as an additional tool, along with medications prescribed by a doctor who.Bury your nose in an infusion of celandine (one teaspoon of dried celandine on a cup of water) for 5-7 days.Usually patients want to apply three drops (small children) to ten drops (children over 12 and adults), twice a day.Treatment of adenoids in children celandine can be made only with the approval of a physician and under his supervision.


sinusitis treatment celandine

This disease can be instilled into the nose juice or infusion of celandine.The infusion used in the same amounts as in the adenoids and juice - at only two to three drops into one nostril, twice a day.The fact that the concentration of active substances in the juice celandine is very high and can cause severe irritation if used in large quantities.Usually the symptoms of sinusitis almost completely disappear after three to five days after the start of treatment;If it does not, talk to your doctor.

celandine treatment of nasal polyps.For the treatment, you will need an infusion of celandine and a syringe without a needle.The infusion of normal cook recipe - pour one teaspoon of dried celandine cup of boiling water, let stand for about twenty minutes, and drain.When it cools down, type it into the syringe and inject a small amount of infusion into the nostril, at the same time taking a deep breath;do not swallow it.Likewise inject the infusion of celandine in the other nostril.Repeat several times.Perform the procedure at least twice a day for five to seven days.


eye treatment celandine

Celandine can be used for the treatment of barley, conjunctivitis, leukoma (walleye).It is also used with a decrease in visual acuity, but here the effectiveness of folk remedies are extremely questionable.For the treatment of conjunctivitis is recommended in the infusion moistened cotton balls celandine, and applying them to the eyes for a few minutes.Repeat several times a day.When leukoma also make compresses with a decoction of celandine (it can also be used together with celandine eyebright, in equal proportions), but keep them longer - at least five minutes.To get rid of barley, it can be to put a piece of cotton wool soaked in the infusion of celandine or juice mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

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