Milk - a gift of the Virgin Mary

Milk thistle Milk - this herb, which helps to cope with the many disorders in the body.Active ingredients of milk thistle are flavonoids, flavonolignany and alkaloids, proteins and vitamin K. There

annual and perennial species thistle.It blooms with lilac flowers and a light-green leaves with white veins;It comes from southern Europe, where was brought to Asia.Today thistle growing in most regions of the planet.

Disorders of bowel

Milk has a mild laxative effect, increasing the production of bile.In addition, it makes stools softer, which ensures the absence of such common side effects of laxatives, like constipation.Through regular use of milk thistle is becoming a regular bowel movement and stool consistency normal.Removes the symptoms associated with constipation, bloating, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms and flatulence.


The active ingredients of milk thistle have the ability to soften and moisturize the mucous membranes, relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the kidneys inflammation of the kidneys - it is not necessary to suffer pain Inflammation of the kidney - do not suffer pain bladder The bladder - structure and function Urinary bladder - structure and function .Milk thistle helps with other inflammatory processes.She has a great moisturizing and emollient effect on the skin.Milk thistle is used by people suffering from various skin diseases from acne to severe eczema Eczema - barely treatable Eczema - is difficult to treat .Its decoction effectively clean the skin, redness and inflammation heals;it is very useful for dry and even cracked skin.Fading skin after application thistle becomes more supple and radiant.

Treatment of liver disease

Broth thistle facilitates the process of detoxification of the body, thus reducing the burden on the liver.It also helps in various inflammatory liver diseases, including hepatitis.Milk thistle is considered one of the most useful medicinal herbs for the liver;its reception doctors often prescribed, including, for alleviating the symptoms of liver cirrhosis and even cancer.It is also recommended for patients taking prescription drugs, increases the production of liver enzymes.

gallbladder disease

With decoction of milk thistle can reduce the inflammation of the gallbladder and improve the production of bile.Before you use milk thistle for such purposes, it is necessary to pass a medical examination, to make sure that you do not have a gall bladder stones, or increased production of bile can be harmful.

How to prepare a decoction

Milk is unique in its kind of medicinal herbs - because it can not make an effective broth, just brew it in boiling water.The active ingredients are dissolved in alcohol thistle.Numerous studies have shown that the usual broth on the water gives the maximum therapeutic effect, it is recommended not to buy dried milk thistle and its extracts.To use milk thistle for medicinal purposes, add a few drops of extract in a cup of hot water and drink.Dosage depends on the disease.It's better if you advise before taking a doctor.

Side effects

Milk has no contraindications.However, it should be taken with extreme caution in patients with HIV or AIDS, and those who take medications that slow down the development of these diseases, such as protease inhibitors.Because of the active ingredients of the drug active ingredients of milk thistle can not adequately processed in the body.This can lead to an increase in the concentration of drug in the body that are not usually dangerous, but requires medical supervision.