Zinc ointment: hypoallergenic, affordable, effective

zinc ointment zinc ointment, which is available in any pharmacy at a concentration of 10% contains zinc oxide as a main active ingredient, and petrolatum, which acts as a fat base and hypoallergenic emollient for the skin.With this composition the skin is quickly focused withdrawal with minimum risks and contraindications to the use, in contrast to other media in polysyllable and aggressive chemical composition.


Properties zinc ointment

Simple composition of zinc ointment determines its medicinal properties, which are reduced to a beneficial effect on the affected skin.Wide use zinc ointment and its regenerative effect on the skin is caused by zinc oxide.It is a crystalline powder which is colorless and odorless.Its use goes far beyond the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries - it is used even for the production of food for animals.In cosmetics and perfumes zinc oxide, however, has proved to be a long time and most of the drugs for the healing of the skin are composed of zinc oxide.

Basic properties of zinc ointment:

  • removal of irritation and soothing the skin;
  • drying of the skin;
  • disinfection;
  • healing of open wounds and other skin injuries;
  • encouraging rapid regeneration of the epidermis;
  • decrease overactive sebaceous glands.


How does zinc ointment

Action zinc oxide similar to other substances, antiseptics, accelerates its healing.It denatures proteins of the epidermal cells to form albuminates (products denature proteins, protein compounds sparingly).Albuminates responsible for the formation of the skin surface protective film - and their action is due to dried and astringent properties of zinc ointment.Thus, the skin is formed mineral shield and filter that treats her, preventing further irritation.


Zinc ointment: indications for use

Application of zinc ointment indicated for adults and children.This is, without doubt, an inexpensive tool that would not be out in the home medicine cabinet.

Why use zinc ointment?For almost any skin lesions.It is applied to the skin at various etiologies dermatitis, rash and irritation in skin, diaper rash in infants, to accelerate the healing process of the skin after thermal and chemical burns, as well as dried and disinfectant agent for treating acne.


Zinc ointment: instructions for use

Zinc ointment, as a means of dermatoprotektornym (protects the skin), creates a film on it, as a physical and chemical barrier to the environment at the same time heals surface damage.

How to use zinc ointment?Apply a thin layer of ointment should be on clean skin.Rub it is not necessary, but if you do not apply on the face, and wounds on the body, you can loosely lay on top of the retaining gauze bandage as quite fatty ointment.

Overlay zinc ointment need to defeat without signs of infection, otherwise it could spread further because of the fat base material.

for the prevention and treatment of diaper rash in infants diaper ointment is applied to the areas that come in contact with wet diapers or linens 3 times a day.This should be done when changing diapers at the first signs of redness and irritation.

cases of dermatitis, as well as trauma, wounds, cuts the skin, zinc ointment is necessary to apply 3 times a day, if necessary perebintovyvaya.

the treatment of acne Treating Acne - proper care of inflamed skin Treatment of acne - the right care of inflamed skin ointment is better to put the night a very thin layer, focusing on the areas affected by acne.Avoid contact with eyes, beware apply ointment on the face, especially around the lips or at the risk of the presence of herpes in the active stage.

Zinc ointment in gynecology is used quite often because of the low risk of allergenicity of the main active ingredient of the drug for use in sensitive areas.Applications should only be outside, you need to lubricate the skin of the vulva in external stimulation, avoiding contact with the vaginal mucosa.Gynecologist prescribed the use of zinc ointment as a harmless anti-inflammatory drug in combination with others.So for the treatment of thrush treatment of thrush : how to get rid of an unpleasant fungus Treating Thrush: how to get rid of an unpleasant fungus be externally apply zinc ointment, using as vaginal suppositories vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation .


Zinc ointment: contraindications

Zinc ointment virtually has no contraindications.An exception is the increased sensitivity to zinc oxide or irritation of Vaseline petroleum jelly : old friend Vaseline: old friend , which may show up only in direct use.should not apply the ointment in areas where skin lesion expressed as acute purulent process.Allergy to zinc ointment - the phenomenon rare, and the harm of zinc ointment is usually minimal.Intolerance of funds is expressed in skin redness, itching and rashes

Side effects of zinc ointment in the form of allergic reactions often occur due to prolonged use.If they were, we must urgently stop using the ointment, selecting a suitable alternative.