Female condom - simple and effective

Female condom One of the newest contraceptives, female condom can protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases through.Introduced to the European market in 1992, this method of contraception has been approved by the FDA in 1993. In comparison with the rest of contraception, this method of contraception is quite expensive, but the World Health Organization and the United Nations Commission on AIDS AIDS - Thereforestill very scary AIDS - is still very scary strongly promotes its use as a female condom is the most effective means of preventing unintended pregnancy and HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases through.

This contraceptive method invented by Dr. Mary Ann Leeper as an effective measure to control the spread of HIV HIV - can be slow, can not be stopped HIV - can be slow, can not be stopped , especially in Africa and in developing countries.Female condom made of polyurethane and has about 17 cm in length, it is provided on both sides of a flexible ring.He used a woman as a barrier contraceptive.In the form of soft shell lining the vagina and it has no serious side effects.The main advantage of it is the ability to not only protect against unwanted conception, but also against infections, including HIV / AIDS.

Female condoms are odorless, they are soft and durable, even in comparison with latex.The inner ring is used for administration, it is located behind the pubic bone.External - very soft and flexible stays outside.This product is sold complete with lubricant.

Female condoms are sold without a prescription and are quite simple to use.A woman can place it on their own, without the help of a doctor.When using this method of contraception methods of contraception: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts no risk of hormonal side effects.Such a contraceptive method can also be used during menstruation and immediately after delivery.Should female condom from $ 2 to $ 5 more expensive than the male.Because it is designed for a single use, protection using female condom can cost quite expensive.It is worth also be noted that any damage to the condom makes it totally ineffective.