Terms of care for dry skin - the little things to be aware of

how to care for dry skin Dry skin needs special attention and care.In order to "bring it back to life," will require a small, but regular efforts that will bring the skin to normal view, observe the following rules for the care of dry skin and problems gradually thing of the past.

Use soft cleansers

Experts say that dry skin is best suited cleansers that do not contain soap and flavors.Products with antibacterial and deodorizing ingredients may be too aggressive for dry skin.

can also use cleaning agents, which contain ceramides - lipid molecules forming the outer barrier of the skin, promoting its protection and moisture retention.

recommended to completely abandon the use of toners, peels and other cosmetic products containing alcohol - they can only aggravate the condition of dry skin.If you use a scrub, do not rub the skin too much, so as not to cause irritation.

Use razor properly

Shaving also can irritate dry skin.Shaving unwanted hair, you remove the natural oils from the skin and often hurt the surface.

best to shave after you've taken a shower or bath: during this time the hair more soft and pliable, and the pores are open, making it easier shave.Always use a foam or shaving gel and shave hair, razor wire in the direction of growth - it will reduce the chance of damage to the skin.Razor blade must always be sharp;dull blade leads to further irritation.If you are using blade is not the first time, pre-clean it with alcohol.

Dress for the weather

the winter is recommended to wear layers of clothing (eg T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, a thin sweater and jacket are better than one thick sweater and a jacket).This will prevent overheating and excessive sweating - and then, and more particularly harmful for dry skin.

summer, in hot and sunny weather, wear light, spacious long clothes.About sunscreen, however.Also not to be forgotten - they need to be applied to all exposed areas of the body.

Moisturize air

cold and dry winter air is known to contribute to dry skin.Recommended air humidity is 50% (it can be measured using inexpensive device - hygrometer).If your home is too dry air, buy humidifiers, heaters, or put on a tank with water - it quickly enough will have a beneficial impact on the dry skin.

Follow the rules humidification

main rule care for dry skin - regular moisturizing.The key word here - "regular";If moisturize the skin from time to time, tangible results will not be.Even simple and low-cost products may well moisturize the skin - such as Vaseline petroleum jelly : old friend Vaseline: old friend , mineral oil or olive oil.They are generally not used in place of a day cream (they leave on the skin strong shine), but can be applied to the skin before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

If you need a high-quality moisturizers, look for creams with ingredients such as shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid or glycerol Glycerin: miracle ingredient for skin and hair Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair .All of these substances help restore the great outer protective barrier of the skin.

matter which moisturizer you choose, you need to use them correctly:

  • Before applying moisturizer clean the skin with a means that does not contain soap (ideal if it includes ceramides);
  • Pat skin with a towel or tissue, but do not wipe it dry;Apply
  • not even damp skin a thick layer of moisturizer.After several minutes to remove the excess cream with a paper towel.

Moisturize your hands every time after you wash them - because they wash very often, the skin on his hands faster than in other parts of the body loses moisture.

Finally, be sure to use a day cream with SPF of at least 15 - they moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging.