Massage from around the world: how to choose?

massage In today's world is easy to get lost in the variety of types of massage.They are so many that it is surprising, for what they are and what problems can be solved.There are varieties that are closely related to the country or locality - each of them is unique and deserves special attention.

Thai and Swedish

Thai massage needs no introduction - his existence knows most, but not all correct understanding of its purpose.This massage is a native of Thailand, and he even performed in a kimono, which is important for the shy.During a session of Thai massage Thai massage - restore the energy balance in the body Thai massage - restore the energy balance in the body artist works with his hands, elbows and knees and even feet, whereby the procedure turns out very rhythmic and highly effective.During Thai massage client can get scared when he heard the crunch of bones, but since the procedure is carried out by a qualified technician, all fears were groundless.Effect tone is guaranteed.Thai massage is necessary as a means for the energy content in the case of a strong physical fatigue.Swedish massage is very similar to Thai, but rather, it is a softer alternative to it.

Chinese and Indian massage

Traditional Chinese medical massage Massage Therapy - when it is needed? Massage Therapy - when it is needed? called Tuina - it is actively used in hospitals.Tuina - a massage technique involving acupuncture points.He is very intense, relaxes the body and perfectly valid to the internal organs.After the massage, a person can feel some fatigue, but in fact his immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? noticeably stronger, straightened his shoulders and back.

second option therapeutic oriental massage - this massage stones, also called Indian.It is conducted with the help of large smooth hot stones, thanks to the work which improves blood circulation and reduces pain.Also massage stones used to prevent stress.Both of these are therapeutic massage, so if you happen to apply for one of them, it is worth checking whether the master medical degree.

Californian massage

Traditional Californian massage - a wonderful way to relax and get energized.Massage therapist works with the client's naked body covered with oil.Californian massage lasts about an hour, during which the body is very gently kneaded, so this session of massage - a true pleasure.

There is another kind of Californian massage, which is combined with thalassotherapy Thalassotherapy - successful detoxification Thalassotherapy - successful detoxification .Instead of oils used algae that do an excellent job, if you want to soothe your muscles, stop rheumatic pains and even getting rid of cellulite.The second type of massage is certainly not as pleasant as the first, but by the presence of algae is more efficient.