Massage technique: mash and strokes

  • massage technique: mash and strokes
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Massage technique Massage - the oldest form of treatment of the human body.Each civilization - ancient Greece and Rome, ancient China and India - has developed its own look and massage techniques, reflecting its traditional beliefs.

early as 2700 BCthe East is already widely practiced massage for the treatment of various diseases of the labor contractions paralysis.Ancient Egyptian tombs are decorated with the figure of the people who do the massage.In traditional Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, therapeutic massage Massage Therapy - when it is needed? Massage Therapy - when it is needed? made using a variety of aromatic oils Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? .Even Greek and Roman heroes, including the great Julius Caesar, day turned to healers of that time, with the help of massage relieve pain.

In Western culture, the most common Swedish massage.This type of massage appeared in the XIX century and is a combination of techniques of traditional Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman massage.The most effective massage techniques as part of the alternative therapies - aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies , amma therapy and osteopathy Osteopathy - good old bone setting Osteopathy - good old bone setting .

Many of today's popular massage techniques have been developed for the treatment of specific diseases, and continue to be widely used in preterm labor, various cancers, AIDS, osteoarthritis, back pain, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, paralysis, heart attack and stroke.In addition, massage relieves fatigue, improves performance and overall body tone.Massage techniques have a profound and diverse physiological effects on different tissues, organs and systems of man.

basic massage techniques

massage technique consists of many different techniques that can be divided into the following categories: stroking, rubbing, kneading, shaking (vibration) and chopped.In order to strengthen the influence of individual massage techniques combine some tricks with others.

Fan stroking

Stroking - one of the simplest methods of massage, which has a calming effect on the massaged and a masseur.Fan stroking massage is used to intercostal spaces.The rolling strokes are particularly effective with the use of oil, and allow you to connect different areas of the body.Perform the movement slowly and rhythmically.You can vary the area of ​​the strokes, but the rhythm of the movement should remain unchanged.

Put both hands on the lower back of the patient, and then move them up, driving the fingers.To increase the pressure, increase the burden on the palm side of his hand, and on the basis of their body weight.Keep your back straight.

reaching to the shoulders, arms out to the sides, gradually reducing the pressure, and gently stroking the side, fall to the waist, repeating the contours of the body.Lightly squeeze the waist and pinch hands together again.Repeat this movement several times, covering the entire area of ​​the back.

circular stroking

This kind of fan-strokes.Circular stroking massage is particularly effective when large areas of the body such as the back, shoulders, and abdomen.The circular motion is not only soothe, but also help to create the effect of continuous stimulation.

Put both hands on the part of the body massaged at a distance of about 15 cm from each other and stroking his back wide circular motion (clockwise), gradually increasing the smooth rhythm.As we move up the pressure increases, then again followed by hands down.

When the hands are found, one hand over the other and carries the motion continues.Repeat this movement several times.In terms of raising the pressure must increase, but on the decline - gradually decrease.

Stroking thumb

This movement is particularly effective in small massage tense areas such as the forearms, neck and legs.Change the degree of pressure in accordance with the needs of the massaged.If the muscles are very tense, begin gently, gradually increasing the pressure.Hands should slide up and away, so that every movement of one thumb is higher than the second.Movement should be smooth and repetitive, to form a steady rhythm


In relaxing massage kneading must be flat and smooth, in order to achieve a calming effect.To effect was palpable kneading muscles massaged should be as relaxed.Kneading involves deep muscle layers.When kneading is necessary to capture the muscle tissue and press them to the bones, you will need them to squeeze and lift.The entire process of kneading can be divided into three phases: the capture muscle pulling and compression, and then rolling and squeezing.

kneading techniques should be carried out using the thumbs, fingertips and the top of the palm.Movement in this case must be short, quick and sliding.To increase the pressure, you can use your body weight and the imposition of one hand over the other

Place your hands flat on the body massaged, elbows wide apart.With his right hand gently grasp the skin with muscles, pull it up, and take the left hand.

left hand to squeeze the muscles seized, and take their right hand, squeezing.Repeat this movement several times, maintaining an intense rhythm.

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