Subserous uterine fibroids and pregnancy - the risk of complications will determine physician

subserous uterine fibroids and pregnancy subserous uterine fibroids often no complications during pregnancy.The exceptions are very large tumor size (they are rare) and swelling of the thin leg prone to torsion.In any case, how dangerous subserous fibroids during pregnancy a woman, the doctor can answer only after survey.

subserous fibroids and pregnancy - danger at conception and child-bearing

subserous uterine fibroids located under the outer layer of serous, so small in size fibroids do not cause menstrual disorders, do not interfere with conception and childbearing.

But subserous fibroids of significant size, situated in the immediate vicinity of the fallopian tube can squeeze it, that will prevent the ingress of sperm in the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg, that is conception.

childbearing at subserous uterine fibroids subserous uterine fibroids: what dangers lurk Subserous uterine fibroids: what dangers lurk also usually goes smoothly.But hormones that accompanies uterine fibroids (high blood levels of estrogen), may contribute to the increased excitability of the muscles of the uterus, and therefore the miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? .This happens less often than other types of fibroids, however, miscarriages and premature births excluded in this case is impossible.

subserous Complications of fibroids that can occur during pregnancy

most threatening complication subserous fibroids during pregnancy is twisting itfeet.But this can happen only in the case when fibroids long thin legs.If a woman is planning a pregnancy and during the examination she will be found sudseroznaya fibroid on thin legs, she definitely recommend to remove it.

If fibroids first time will have an effect during pregnancy torsion legs, women need emergency life-saving surgery.Pregnancy thus save is not always possible.To avoid this in the second trimester (the peak in the background content for blood progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , the vast reduction of smooth muscles of the uterus) is sometimes performed surgery remove fibroids - conservative myomectomy.

subserous fibroids larger on thick legs may compress the surrounding organs of the uterus.If a large subserous fibroids disposed on the front surface of the uterus, it can compress the urinary tract and incontinence lead to stagnation.During pregnancy, it is very dangerous, as the stagnation of urine can cause renal failure (as they are already working with an overload during pregnancy).In addition, the stagnation of urine predisposes to stone formation and adherence of infection.That is, the pregnancy may be complicated by bouts of renal colic or pyelonephritis.If

subserous larger fibroids located on the rear wall of the uterus, it can squeeze the rectum and surrounding tissue, including blood vessels.This will lead to increased constipation (they accompany, and so any pregnancy due to the reduction of motor activity of the intestine), the formation of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease and painful anal fissures, which also can serve as a gateway for the introduction of infection andpromote development.Inflammatory processes in the tissues surrounding the rectum.

However, in most cases with constant monitoring of pregnant women in antenatal clinics all of these complications can be avoided and successfully bring a woman to birth.

subserous Complications of fibroids that can occur during birth

Childbirth at subserous fibroids in most cases are well, without complications.However, there are also complications in a variety of violations of labor-related discoordination uterine contractions.Prolonged labor dangerous weakening of the woman's body and the fetus and the accession of infection.Due to inadequate uterine contractions after the birth of the fetus and placenta may start bleeding (normally contract the muscles squeeze the blood vessels and prevent bleeding).

All these complications can develop and obstetricians, watching a woman during pregnancy, pre-birth plan up in case of complications.A woman with a uterine cancer a few days before giving birth is usually admitted to the hospital antenatal department to obstetrician, who will take her birth, she was able to advance to inspect it and to develop tactics of childbirth.

subserous uterine fibroids rarely poses a risk during pregnancy and childbirth.Moreover, under the action of hormones (mainly progesterone) fibroids may even decrease in size.

Galina Romanenko