Pregnancy after birth: Just noticeable symptoms can be

Pregnancy symptoms after childbirth Despite the fact that to get pregnant immediately after birth is almost impossible, especially if the woman is breastfeeding, frequent repeated pregnancies.Who has not come across women who have children the same age?Of course, many of the women in the postpartum period are relaxed, not paying attention to contraception, and in most cases rely on breastfeeding, and for good reason.Pregnancy after birth, symptoms of which then are introduced into confusion as possible, as well as the usual offensive planned pregnancy.However, many women miss the fact of conception Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics baby Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child new life, because not all the signs of pregnancy after childbirth are taking place, moreover, some of them Just noticeable.


pregnancy after childbirth

menstrual cycle (monthly appearance) is restored and a half - two months after delivery, provided that the woman does not breastfeed.This means that women, respectively, and restored fertility (ability to conceive).Although some experts believe that ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? , and therefore fertilization can occur in the first two weeks after birth, the pregnancy is hardly possible.Even if the sperm and the fertilized egg matured, the path to the implantation of it is closed (the endometrium in the postpartum period is an open wound, therefore, there are no conditions for the attachment of the egg).

Many women believe that breastfeeding is a reliable measure of protection from pregnancy is not desired.Undoubtedly, in many respects they are right.But the pregnant woman, breastfeeding may under the following conditions:

  • feeding is carried out not by the hour, and at the request of the child;
  • if breastfeeding is combined with artificial;
  • if the child is rarely breastfeed at night.


Signs of pregnancy after delivery

recognize a pregnancy in the postpartum period is quite difficult, especially in the early stages.Many of the "usual" symptoms of pregnancy are absent or hardly expressed.Characteristic symptoms of pregnancy after delivery:

  • Changes in the composition of breast milk

Amid the ensuing pregnancy, if a woman breastfeeds, the baby will start to refusebreastfeeding, it will fall or lost interest in the mother's milk, will appear unreasonable whims and irritability.This is due to the fact that the hormones of pregnancy significantly alter the formula of breast milk for the baby and it will seem bitter.Some women may simply ignore the child's behavior, but the combination of this feature with the other time to think about a possible pregnancy.

  • Reducing the amount of milk produced

course, reduced milk production may be associated with other problems (stress, maternal disease, chronic fatigue), but this feature also can not be discounted in the case of suspected unexpected pregnancy.It explains symptoms similar to those that the body evenly distributes its resources on existing child and unborn.

  • Hypersensitivity breast

In the postpartum period, especially during lactation, a woman is very difficult to determine the cause of breast tenderness.Mammary glands are "poured" nagrubayut and become painful.Also, there is irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper nipples.Undoubtedly, it is possible evidence of any pathology of the breast such as mastitis, and perhaps a sign of pregnancy.

  • early toxicity manifestations

characteristic feature of pregnancy, after birth, regardless of whether a woman breast-feeding or not, are the symptoms of early toxicity.As you know, this condition characterized by nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system and vomiting, decreased or loss of appetite, changes in taste preferences.Although, of course, similar phenomena may occur after eating of spoiled food or as a result of gastrointestinal diseases.

  • general malaise

broken, weakness, drowsiness, irritability and body temperature are also a sign of pregnancy.But in the postpartum period can be attributed to these symptoms and fatigue associated with childcare.

Anna Sozinova