Genital herpes before birth - the child's risk of infection

genital herpes before delivery Genital herpes before delivery - it is dangerous.To prevent the possibility of intrauterine infection or infection of the child during labor, it is necessary to understand the reasons of occurrence of the infection, that is, to make the necessary laboratory tests.


primary genital herpes before delivery

There may be several options.The first option - after infection with herpes just before birth or a woman develops symptoms of primary herpes.The second option - a primary herpes symptoms.In recent years, experts note growing cases of asymptomatic primary genital herpes.

primary genital herpes before delivery is very dangerous, because of the lack of immunity in women the infection can penetrate into the child's body and cause fetal infection.Children with intrauterine infection often are stillborn.If they survive, it remains disabled for life, as the herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple affects internal organs and central nervous system.

But even in primary genital herpes infection develops in utero is not always.Then the fruit is another danger lurking - infection herpes infection during childbirth.This risk is difficult to avoid if the herpes simplex viruses are found in the mucosa of the genital tract of women who will soon have to become generic ways.

If a child is infected during childbirth, it is threatened with development of neonatal herpes, or herpes newborns.This disease can occur in different ways, but most often it still runs hard, because the child's body is almost not protected from external influences immune Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults all infections usually take generalized,that is applied to the entire body.Often it affects the mucous membranes, umbilical wound, conjunctiva, the skin.With the spread of infection disease passes on the internal organs and the central nervous system.Effects of neonatal herpes is certainly not as severe as the effects of intrauterine infection, however, the death of the child in this case is possible.


Recurrence of genital herpes

This situation is much less dangerous as intrauterine infection in this case is extremely rare.This happens because the woman's body has a protective antibody present in the body types of herpes simplex viruses, which do not allow too high activation of the virus and its penetration to the fetus.Nevertheless, the development of intrauterine infection can not be completely excluded, as during pregnancy reduces a woman's immunity and increases the risk of any infections.

main risk for recurrent genital herpes is the possibility of infection of the child during birth and development of neonatal herpes from him.


how to detect genital herpes before delivery

Since genital herpes is often asymptomatic, causing no less devastating than in the presence of symptoms of the disease, its detection before birth is an urgent task.

to detect herpes simplex virus type I and II (HSV-I and HSV-II) are taken swabs of vaginal and cervical canal.Held in the identification of these DNA viruses using PCR analysis.If a virus is detected, conducted immunological research - linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), which detects the presence of antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers" Antibodies - "soldiers immunity to this virus, and to which class the antibodies are.The absence of antibodies or antibody detection alone, belonging to the class of immunoglobulin M, says that the woman had just contracted HSV, and her immune system has not yet developed (the most dangerous situation).

detection of antibodies of immunoglobulin class G says the formed of immunity and a woman has recurrent disease.



If this primary infection, make sure you held the course of antiviral therapy using acyclovir Acyclovir - as it is safe? Acyclovir - as it is safe? (it may appoint a doctor).Simultaneously antiviral treatment is given topically as ointments, creams, gels with antiviral action.In this case the delivery is done by cesarean before rupture of membranes.In some cases, when such tactics births avoided infection of the child.

At relapse long flowing herpes just before birth (for example, a week) is also possible to carry out anti-viral treatment and cesarean delivery - the risk of infection during vaginal delivery is maintained.

If at the end of pregnancy, a woman had revealed the presence of infection in the mucous membranes of the birth canal, and proved that it has anti-viral immunity, conducted a course of antiviral therapy, after which the issue of delivery is solved individually.Most births are natural, but not before the birth canal of women treated with disinfectant solutions.In some cases, still have to resort to caesarean section.

Galina Romanenko