Water aerobics for pregnant women: exercises for health and beauty

water aerobics for pregnant women Many women expecting a baby disclaim any sport was, afraid to harm the baby.At the same time, doctors strongly advised to move during this period as much as possible, so that the child does not suffer from lack of circulation.A good solution would be water aerobics for pregnant women - exercises in water are safe, pleasant and useful as a mother and her unborn child.


How useful aqua aerobics for pregnant

It's no secret that pregnancy - is not just happy waiting period emergence of a new family member, but also some inconveniences.As the abdomen shifts the center of gravity, increasing the load on the joints and spine.Many pregnant women experience back pain in their feet.Get rid of these unpleasant sensations help exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe , but pregnant women shows not every exercise.The safest option is to water aerobics, to get rid of pain.

exercises are performed in water, which greatly reduces the load on joints and spine.In addition, water exercise helps give the skin elasticity, prevent stretch marks.They effectively fight against excess weight and are very useful for the nervous system: normal sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , improved mood, reduced anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? .Water aerobics classes allow the body to prepare for the birth mother.It is important that swimming improves blood circulation in the legs, and therefore helps to avoid such unpleasant problems like varicose veins.



Of course, before the training should be mandatory to visit a doctor to identify possible contraindications.For example, you have to give up employment at an elevated pressure and chronic cardiovascular diseases, especially in the acute phase.It is impossible to engage in water aerobics for any acute infectious and inflammatory diseases, with a strong toxicosis.

Water exercise is strictly prohibited and if the problem of uterine bleeding and uterine hypertonia.We'll have to give up exercise and various pathologies of pregnancy, in which the need to limit physical activity.There can be no question about aqua aerobics, if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy.


lessons in the pool

Normal swimming is the optimal load for pregnant women.Swimming improves health, reduces stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , effectively prepares the body for childbirth.When choosing the pool should give preference to where the water is not chlorinated and ozonated, it is disinfected with silver ions or other safe way.It must be remembered that the floor in the pool is usually very slippery, so walk in rubber footwear should be very careful to avoid injury.

water temperature for swimming should be comfortable - not less than twenty-eight and thirty-two best degrees Celsius.Water aerobics classes can be held in a little cooler water.Standard length of sessions is forty minutes - hour.Optimally engaged with the instructor in a group of pregnant women, but you can exercise after consultation with a doctor to perform and independently, for example, while relaxing on the sea.

classes should start with warm-up, which may be in the normal swimming.Thereafter, the normal charging, simple exercises for arms and legs to warm up the muscles and prepare them for loading.After that, you can start exercising.The pace and sequence of exercises is chosen independently.


better understand the baby

There are a number of exercises not only helps train the body, but also to experience something similar to that experienced at the birth of a child.Many experts believe that these exercises allow to establish rapport between mother and child in the prenatal period.

example, you can swim under water, between a group of people in the game "brook" - it looks like is not how the child overcomes the narrow birth canal.And exercise with breath under water not only will train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and effectively prepare the body for childbirth, but also help to understand that a child feels when it lacks oxygen during birth.


set of exercises for pregnant

The simplest exercise - walking underwater.It is easy to walk on the bottom of the pool, while trying to movement were the most pronounced: active swings his arms and legs, knees high rise.Underwater walking should alternate with exercises for the hips: attacks in different directions, rotations, squat legs and strides.

leaned forward.Standing in the water, you should lean forward, placing your hands while ago.To complicate a little exercise, your hands should do rotational movements such as mills.Exercise great effect on your posture, training the back muscles and removing excess stress.

Squats.Starting position - standing in water, hands on waist, elbows pointing to the sides.Take a deep breath, sit down.Hold your breath, relax the muscles.Then exhale and return to its original position.

bike.It is necessary to lie down on the surface of the water, relax, and then do kicking motion, simulating cycling.Movement should not be too intense if there is fatigue, you must rest.

akvastretchingom ends with a set of exercises.After water exercises muscles need stretching.These exercises help to normalize heart rate and breathing, and relax the muscles.Stretching exercises are carried out in a calm pace.

Maria Bykov