Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages: to know and understand

  • Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages: to know and understand why developing
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signs of an ectopic pregnancy early In the process of its development after fertilization, the egg can be implanted outside the uterus, so this is called an ectopic pregnancy (or ectopic).Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages to help establish the diagnosis in a timely manner and prevent complications.The importance of timely diagnosis is determined by the fact that this kind of pathological development of the ovum can be a cause of maternal mortality.Ectopic pregnancy is not only a major stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? for the mother, but also cause serious health problems.To prevent them, it is important to identify this condition as soon as possible.


As it happens

If an ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, most often - in one of the fallopian tubes.This is also called tubal pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is a very common violation - it is found, on average, once every two hundred pregnancies.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages are similar to the early symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

However, as it develops may appear different features;to a very large extent they depend on there is a rupture of the ovum or not.


difference between the different clinical forms of the disease

In most cases, a tubal ectopic pregnancy, this option is found in 99% of patients.Fertilized egg can develop in one of the departments of the pipe - in ampullar department isthmus or interstitial part of the tube.There are other variants of or rare forms that do not exceed a percentage of 0.3-0.9% of all cases.There are several types of options for the clinical course of an ectopic pregnancy.They are fundamental differences between them, which is the basis of the differential diagnosis.Clinical forms of the disease are:

  • progressing ectopic pregnancy
  • impaired pregnancy which can occur in the form of fallopian tube rupture or abortion

distinctive feature of progressive ectopic pregnancy can be called a paucity of clinical symptoms.

next menstruation does not occur in time, there may be slight dragging pain in the lower or hypogastric region.Other specific symptoms are not observed, so in the early stages should be paid attention to the severity of the complaints.Conducted further examination allows to establish the diagnosis.

Another clinical picture emerges if the ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous interrupted, that is a violation.There are two possible variants of the disease, so the general condition will depend on the immediate option of abortion, and the magnitude and intensity of the bleeding.Disturbed option pregnancy occurs with severe pain, and the pain is paroxysmal in nature, it develops acutely.Most often the pain occurs in the iliac region and extends into the rectum, the lower extremities.

If the amount of blood loss greater than 500 ml, the developing characteristic frenikus-symptom that can be regarded as a criterion for the severity of the patient.It explains the appearance of a sharp pain in the rupture of the pipe, not only by the organ damage and irritation of the peritoneum streamed into the abdominal cavity with blood.

often develop difficulty urinating or frustration of a chair, which often comes to the fore in the assessment of the patient's complaints.

complaints among women who help to establish the early stages of the development of pathological pregnancy, are the following:

  • one of the main complaints is the delay menstruation, which occurs in 73% of cases
  • complaints of pain of varying intensity and character, withThis may be a spread of pain in the lumbar region, or to the lower extremities to the inner thighs
  • marked pathological vaginal discharge Vaginal Vaginal discharge , they will be bloody.This discharge will not wear intense, they often scarce or smearing.This character of menstrual disorders occur in 71% of patients
  • cause nausea

necessary to try to carry out diagnostic activities at the earliest timing of the development of the pathological process.The ideal should be the option of establishing an ectopic pregnancy at a stage of ongoing pregnancy.Only in this case it is possible to conduct the operations with organ-procedures prevent large blood loss and maintain the health of the woman, her reproductive potential.


first symptoms

  • As a rule, the first obvious symptom of ectopic pregnancy Ectopic Pregnancy - Symptoms Ectopic Pregnancy - Symptoms is vaginal bleeding - this symptom occurs in the early stages in about 80% of ectopic pregnancies.It is associated with the implantation of the embryo, and often occurs during a normal pregnancy.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, usually on one side, is also a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages.Pain can be acute and significantly stronger than in normal pregnancies.
  • Nausea and vomiting, which are common symptoms of a normal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy can be stronger and more frequent.However, some women have pregnancies without any of these symptoms.Nausea can begin as early as two weeks after conception.
  • pain and discomfort during urination and / or defecation.This symptom can occur if an ectopic pregnancy is so that puts pressure on the portion of the intestine or urinary tract.
  • Shoulder pain can occur if an ectopic pregnancy causes internal bleeding in which the blood flows into the abdominal cavity and irritating the diaphragm.However, this feature is more peculiar to the later stages of ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilized egg becomes so large that it can cause damage to internal organs.
  • fatigue, according to some women, ectopic pregnancy can be much stronger than during a normal pregnancy.In addition, it is often that women intuitively feel that their body is something goes wrong;they feel malaise, lethargy, apathy.It is also associated with changes in hormone levels that occur during any pregnancy.
  • rupture of eggs and / or the fallopian tube, where it is, causes severe pain in the lower abdomen and the abdominal cavity, which is often given in the neck.At the same time, the patient can be a state of shock.
  • dizziness, paleness, sweating, severe pain in the lower abdomen, increased heart rate during an ectopic pregnancy may be signs of life-threatening conditions of the patient.When these symptoms need to seek emergency medical care.

Ectopic pregnancy can lead to very serious complications and even death of the patient.Therefore, in cases of suspected ectopic pregnancy need to see a doctor immediately.This will allow you to avoid many health problems and increase the chances of a normal pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby in the future.

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