Pulls underbelly - a sign of pregnancy

pulling the lower abdomen Two strips on the test, a visit to the gynecologist, the first signs of pregnancy, especially early symptoms of toxicity and the woman can greet the future addition to the family.From that moment, the woman learned that soon become a mother, she begins to listen carefully to your body.Any deviation, discomfort and so alarming, and even lead to panic.One of these situations is a feeling of pulling pain in the abdomen.When pulling the lower abdomen - this is not a cause for concern, but rather, one of the first signs of pregnancy.But in any case, to normalize the situation and calm down, it is advisable to consult a doctor.


Why pull the lower abdomen during early pregnancy

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen during early pregnancy and / or in the lumbar region may be due to two reasons.The most common minor pains occur in the normal course of pregnancy and indicate its presence.In another case, nagging pain can signal any obstetric pathology, which is a threat for the future of the child and a woman.

skilled artisan will never jump to conclusions, and only after a thorough survey and inspection of the pregnant woman may give an opinion on normal or pathological.


Drawing pain in the lower abdomen is normal

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen during the first fourteen weeks is considered normal.Such pain is not delivered to a pregnant woman of strong concern, they are not permanent, and tested by themselves.A woman can quietly go about their business and it's time to forget about the nagging pain in the abdomen.

With what are related pain?Firstly, such a pain due to the action of pregnancy hormones, such as progesterone.

Progesterone is known to have a relaxing effect and under the influence of softening of the ligaments that form a supportive apparatus of the uterus.Furthermore, stretching occurs due to displacement of the uterus and its growth and increase blood supply.These pains are characterized by pulling, never get cramping and have a clear periodicity.Also, such pain is not associated with sports or other physical activities.

Another cause of nagging pains in the lower abdomen during the first trimester of pregnancy may be explained by changes in the ovary, which is growing and developing corpus luteum to produce progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology .In some cases, the formation of the corpus luteum cyst luteum cyst - when hormonal changes Corpus luteum cyst - when hormonal changes .This condition poses no threat at all the recommendations given by your doctor.Corpus luteum cyst disappears in about sixteen weeks of pregnancy spontaneously (during this period the placenta is formed, which begins producing progesterone).

In addition, pulling abdominal pain in early pregnancy may be associated with changes in bowel How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process .Progesterone relaksirueschee has effects not only on the muscle of the uterus, but also all other smooth muscles, including muscle and intestine.As a result of peristalsis (contraction) of the intestine is reduced, it places swells, and there is a delay digested, especially junk food.As a result, there constipation, increased flatulence, discomfort arises in the abdomen.That's why pregnant women are advised to observe a certain diet.The first step is to give up fatty, fried, spicy foods, convenience foods, fast food and sweets.It is advisable to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, perhaps their steaming.A large number of fiber has beneficial effects on the intestine and normalize its function.Good to eat bread from wheat flour or bran Cuts - benefits and harms by type Bran - the benefits and harms by type , apricots and prunes.Also, do not forget about adequate fluid intake.Tea and coffee is better to replace natural, desirable, fresh juices, herbal decoction and juice.You need to eat five or six times a day, but did not pass.

improves bowel and maintains the tone of the whole organism are special exercises for pregnant women, swimming and long walks.

Anna Sozinova