Breast cancer and pregnancy - problem diagnosis and treatment

Breast cancer and pregnancy Breast cancer and pregnancy - a complex regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the problem.In the early stages to identify the disease is not always possible due to the physiological characteristics of the state of the mammary glands during pregnancy.So often the selection of an effective set of treatment must be carried out when the disease has already reached a significant stage of development.

diagnosis of breast cancer during pregnancy

breast cancer (breast cancer - breast cancer) - the most common form of cancer, revealed during pregnancy.It was found that among all women of reproductive age more than 7% are pregnant or nursing.

identify breast cancer during pregnancy more difficult than it is.The fact that the state of pregnancy is always accompanied by swelling of the breast tissue engorgement and increasing in volume as all the breast and nipple.This state prevents breast tumor to identify the early stages.In addition, the initial stage of the disease is often asymptomatic.Thus, breast cancer during pregnancy is often detected at an advanced stage already and its treatment is a complex task.

identify breast cancer in pregnant women may be using ultrasound, but it does not always give a complete picture of breast cancer, so for suspected breast cancer performed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - absolute security research, allowing completely accurate diagnosis of the disease.

The course of breast cancer in pregnant women

In 70-80% of cases of breast cancer Breast Cancer: you need to know every woman Breast cancer: What you need to know every woman during pregnancy is an anchor shape.This type of cancer is easier to detect even though the changes in the mammary gland during pregnancy.Dangerous is the fact that this type of cancer in the majority of cases are asymptomatic and therefore sometimes detected in the later stages.

But about 20% of cases of breast cancer is diffuse, more dangerous form.To diffuse forms of breast cancer, the most common during pregnancy can be attributed edematous-infiltrative form of cancer and cancer mastitopodobny.

edematous infiltrative breast cancer manifests itself in the form of a rapid and painless increase in a breast.Clear boundaries of the tumor with the probe is not possible.In this form of the disease appear early metastasis Metastases - danger everywhere Metastasis - danger everywhere in nearby lymph nodes, especially in the underarm area, as well as the subclavian, supraclavicular, and located on the edge of the sternum lymph nodes Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system .

breast cancer as well as mastitis may develop during pregnancy.This mastitis (an inflammatory disease of the breast) may be prolonged for and be difficult to normal antibiotic treatment.


In each case, the treatment is selected individually.If breast cancer is detected in early stages, and the woman wants to keep the child, carried out surgery removing the tumor and nearby lymph nodes.Further treatment is transferred to the postpartum period.

If a woman has breast cancer is detected at an advanced stage at the beginning of pregnancy, then it is recommended to interrupt it and to conduct a full comprehensive treatment.Some women in such circumstances want despite everything to continue the pregnancy.In this case, it is carried out and the operation is assigned rate of the auxiliary (adjuvant) chemotherapy Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? .Chemotherapy is possible, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy.For the treatment used only approved for use during pregnancy drugs.Radiation therapy during pregnancy is contraindicated.

Is a pregnancy after treatment for breast cancer

now sufficient experience of pregnancy in women treated for breast cancer.It was found that the most appropriate term pregnancy is a period of two years after the end of treatment.It is this period allows to identify and treat disease relapses and reduce the risk of their occurrence during pregnancy.

pregnancy in women who received adequate treatment of breast cancer and became pregnant two years after the end of treatment, in most cases proceeds without complications.

How to prevent the development of breast cancer during pregnancy

Will planning to become pregnant with a full preliminary examination, including breasts.If, however, came unplanned pregnancy, the breast examination is particularly necessary - it will identify at an early stage and treat breast cancer while preserving the life and health of mother and child.

Breast cancer - a disease that occurs in pregnant women.It requires timely detection and proper treatment.

Galina Romanenko