Benefits of water aerobics for pregnant women - is undeniable for the majority of women

benefits water aerobics for pregnant women Today everyone knows that the movement - is life.For pregnant women, physical activity is particularly necessary because it is very difficult to bear and give birth to the child, if the muscles unaccustomed to perform its main function - to support the skeleton and internal organs in the correct position.In this case, the use of aqua aerobics is great for pregnant Water aerobics for pregnant women - the water will always help Water aerobics for pregnant women - the water will always help .

What is water aerobics and at what stage of pregnancy she can practice

Water aerobics - is the fulfillment of physical exercises in the water.It includes a swim, dive into the water and holding your breath, perform water exercise and breathing exercises.

All this gradually prepares a woman for carrying a child in the late stages of pregnancy and childbirth.As with any exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe , water aerobics may appoint a doctor - an obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation with all the indications and contraindications.

water aerobics can be practiced only in special pools, where the water is disinfected by modern methods, without the use of chlorine, it has a constant temperature (not below 29˚S) and have a coach with special training in aqua aerobics for pregnant women.Under such circumstances, this kind of exercise, a healthy pregnant woman can be engaged at any stage.

Influence aqua aerobics on the musculoskeletal system of the pregnant woman

During pregnancy, the skeleton and muscles of women experience constantly growing load.Untrained muscles while not cope with their support function of the skeleton and internal organs in the correct position.The first to suffer the spine - the result can be squeezed and undermine emerging from the spinal nerve roots - pain in the back and waist.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles and back muscles helps support the right of the abdomen, removes the load from the internal organs and allows them to operate with minimal exertion.

Water aerobics strengthens the muscular system without strenuous exercise - the body in the water loses its load weight and therefore better tolerated.Strengthening the muscles is essential to prepare for the birth, because it is the muscles gradually stretch the ligaments and bones of the pelvis, making them mobile, which is very important for delivery.This mobility of the pelvis during childbirth can prevent injury to the child.

aqua Effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system of a pregnant woman

condition circulatory and respiratory systems is vital during pregnancy.Any disease of these organs can lead to serious complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

proper conduct of aqua aerobics sessions coached by these systems, adapting them to the growing stress.The wire immersion apnea and breathing exercises in the water.With breath-hold a woman's body and the fetus is gradually adapting to the lack of oxygen and learn to exist in conditions of hypoxia.Such training can save lives and health of the child in the event of acute hypoxia, which can occur during childbirth, for example, by displacement of the umbilical artery.

during water aerobics classes and trains the cardiovascular system.The heart muscle (myocardium) becomes accustomed to high loads, and the walls of the blood vessels are not so sensitive to various changes inside and outside the woman's body.This removes the risk of a sharp decrease or increase in blood pressure and acute cardiovascular failure.

aqua Effect on the digestive organs of the pregnant woman

main complaints during pregnancy are complaints from the gastrointestinal tract of heartburn and constipation associated with changes in hormonal levels.In order to reduce these unpleasant phenomena need to move more.Movement stimulates peristalsis of the stomach, improves the movement of food masses on the gastrointestinal tract and decrease constipation.The rapid movement of food also helps reduce the heartburn.

Effect of aerobics on the central and peripheral nervous system of a pregnant woman

The positive effect of water treatment on the central nervous system has long been known.During pregnancy, exercise in the water calm a woman, relieve stress, anxiety, promote the rapid fall asleep and restful sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams night.

train the muscles relieve the burden on the peripheral nervous system - in trained women are significantly less likely sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, back pain and lower back.

Water aerobics as preparation for childbirth

watching in the antenatal clinic, a pregnant woman passes a school of preparation for childbirth.First of all, in this school learn to breathe correctly how to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques in different stages of labor.It is much easier and more enjoyable to master this science in a pool, doing breathing exercises in the water.Prepared childbirth woman always carries lighter than unprepared.

Water aerobics - a useful thing, but it can be carried out only on prescription, with specially trained coach and in the pool, where there are all the necessary conditions.

Galina Romanenko