Cyst of breast cancer and pregnancy - not a hindrance

lactocele and pregnancy Some women find that breast cyst breast cyst - a sign of hormonal trouble Cyst of breast cancer - a sign of hormonal trouble passes during pregnancy.However, clinical experience indicates that in most cases it is not - the development of cysts pregnancy has no effect.At the same time there are cases where the cyst during pregnancy sometimes passes.


breast cysts and pregnancy - what happens in a woman's body?

During pregnancy, hormonal changes in a woman hand in the body to increase female hormones.This largely increases the secretion of progesterone, whose main task is suppression of premature (before birth) contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus.Progesterone inhibits the excessive secretion of estrogen.

breast cyst develops in excess in the body of female sex hormones estrogen and pituitary hormone prolactin.Such hormonal changes occur under the influence of various factors (abortion, stress, high loads, endocrine disorders, etc.) and is treated with drugs suppressing the secretion of estrogen (Indinol) and prolactin (mastodinon).

It would seem that during pregnancy should receive all the diseases associated with giperestrogeniey (high blood levels of estrogen).However, clinical experience shows that this happens rarely.Usually pregnancy has no effect on breast cysts.Likewise almost no effect on the state of the mammary gland cysts breastfeeding, despite the fact that while the amount of progesterone decreases and increases prolactin.

however, found that breast-feeding in more than three consecutive months, may cause long-term positive effect on female hormones.The negative effect of lactation in this case can be when it is a sharp break in a month after the start of feeding and long-term (over one year) breast-feeding.


What happens to the mammary gland during pregnancy

Pregnancy - is a natural state, in which under the influence of the neuroendocrine system maintained a very precise relationship between the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology and Progesterone - norm and pathology estrogen - and they both needed during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, there is a preparation for the breast-fed child.In this process Estrogens play a major role.It was under the influence of estrogen breasts increase in size, nagrubayut, they expand channels through which during lactation breast milk will move toward the nipple.Progesterone inhibits this process, but not completely, allowing the mammary glands prepare for feeding the baby naturally.

If you have small breasts cysts are uniformly dispersed throughout the breast tissue (breast diffuse), the pregnancy can have a positive impact, and these cysts disappear.But for large, fully formed cysts that often does not happen.Sometimes these cysts during pregnancy under the influence of estrogen may even increase in size, and then, while feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice feeding (when it's "kingdom" of prolactin) decrease.In some cases, small cysts tested, and large decrease in size.But this does not always happen, so as a method of treating breast cysts pregnancy is not recommended.


How to treat breast cysts in pregnant women

Very large cysts that tend to increase, pierced and injected into the air - it promotes adhesion of the cyst wall.Small cysts can not be treated.

women are advised to adhere to anti-estrogen diet - do not eat fatty meat, fried foods, coffee, cocoa, chocolate.All these products contribute to elevated blood cholesterol, which later formed estrogens.

To reduce the risk of development and growth of cysts hyperestrogenism she will need to complete the diet, promotes the normalization of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things .From protein in the diet should include lean meat (including poultry), fish, dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese.All of these products contain a sufficient amount of animal fat, the body of the pregnant woman required for proper metabolism.Therefore, to prepare various dishes better in vegetable oil.

from carbohydrates should be given preference to complex carbohydrates in vegetables, fruits, cereals.These products also contain vitamins and minerals necessary for proper metabolism.

Sometimes women are prescribed as hepatoprotectors example, Essentiale - malfunction of the liver may contribute to the emergence of a large number of blood cholesterol, which is then formed estrogens.

Obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation always tell a woman how to eat and what to take during pregnancy, if she has a breast cyst.

Galina Romanenko