Abundant month of pregnancy: the rate and risk

plentiful monthly pregnancy Pregnancy is known, it is a complex physiological process, during which not only grows and develops future child, but there is a reorganization of all systems in the body.In the course of pregnancy is influenced by many factors, which may even lead to its termination.Often the expectant mother is faced with such a problem as plentiful monthly during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.Immediately should stipulate that no menstruation in normal pregnancy does not happen and should not be.The fact that women are referred to as "monthly" really is nothing like bleeding, which should not be delayed his visit to the doctor.

normal "month" of pregnancy

After the release of a mature egg from the follicle burst it moves through the fallopian tube, where it meets with the sperm.In this case we speak about what happened fertilization.At the site of a ruptured follicle forms the corpus luteum of pregnancy, which begins to actively synthesize progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology .Progesterone corpus luteum responsible for the continuation of the pregnancy and for as long as the placenta is formed.In turn, the fertilized egg enters the uterus and attaches (implanted) by the trained and "expect" it endometrium.At the time of implantation spotting may occur.Such bleeding is very meager, often in the form of one or two drops of blood on the sheets and sometimes go unnoticed woman.This phenomenon is known as implantation bleeding and not a threat to pregnancy.

Abundant "monthly" during pregnancy

As noted above, any spotting, the more abundant, talk about pregnancy complications.These include:

  • which began miscarriage

which began miscarriage more likely to occur in the first trimester of pregnancy.There are several so-called critical period: 4-5 weeks, 8-9 weeks and 12-13 weeks.A woman complained to the emergence of bleeding, scarlet, often very heavy discharge and aching pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, which if untreated, become cramping.Basal temperature drops (below 37 degrees).During a pelvic exam Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health Gynecological examination: an important component of women defined soft cervix to open slightly cervical canal.The causes of spontaneous abortion may be a lack of progesterone (inadequate corpus luteum), hyperandrogenism (an excess of male hormones synthesized) or negative attachment of the ovum (in place of endometrioid hearth or myoma node).

  • developing pregnancy

undeveloped or missed abortion occurs most often in the presence of genetic abnormalities in the fetus.Symptoms missed abortion missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself similar to the incipient miscarriage.Treatment in this situation one - removal of the ovum (curettage).

  • Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is one of the most formidable gynecological diseases and is often accompanied by bloody (often) profuse discharge from the genital tract.To diagnose an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages is difficult.If this disease has all the signs of pregnancy: early toxicosis, weakness and fatigue, increased basal temperature, breast engorgement.In the later stages (eight - twelve weeks) during a pelvic exam determines the increase, but not the corresponding term of pregnancy the uterus and appendages in the area with one or the other side of palpable myagkovata sensitive education.The attack tubal abortion or rupture of the fallopian tube is accompanied by sharp cramping pain and the appearance of dark spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology from the genital tract.

  • placenta previa

Typically, spotting when placenta previa appear later in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.Placenta previa - a localization of it at the level of the internal os.Bleeding with placenta previa can be so intense that requires immediate termination of pregnancy or delivery.

Anna Sozinova