Relief during pregnancy - can you use it?

Relief Pregnancy During pregnancy, most women appear hemorrhoids, which can take place quickly, and can - very painful.In recent years, women are more likely to relieve pain, itching and bleeding hemorrhoids become self-applied medication Relief, which is available over the counter without a prescription.Should we do it?

Why during pregnancy appears hemorrhoids

main cause of hemorrhoids are chronic constipation.A pregnant woman constipation start literally from the first day of pregnancy due to hormonal changes.During pregnancy, especially in the first 12 weeks, the main hormone is progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , whose main task - not to terminate a pregnancy.To do this, progesterone inhibits uterine muscles motor activity.

And since all the smooth muscles of the abdomen and pelvic innervation has a single suppressed motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, urinary tract, which creates problems during pregnancy, such as constipation, pyelonephritis, and so on.Constipation can be quite quickly lead to hemorrhoids.As far as he is pronounced depends on the individual woman, that is the initial state of the venous system, it inherited from the parents.

the second half of pregnancy, the active role of progesterone decreases slightly, but growing uterus compresses the internal organs and blood vessels pelvic, causing congestion in the veins of the rectum.This reinforces the effects of hemorrhoids.

What to do with hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids can occur extremely painful and why women tend to take it off their own symptoms, such as using drugs Relief Series.But to do so not worth it.You should know that there is many hemorrhoids, and if his symptoms are significant, it is necessary to turn to the obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation, which advise how to deal with this problem.

main method of prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoid treatment - a long, difficult but possible Hemorrhoid treatment - long, difficult but possible during pregnancy is nutrition.Your doctor will tell you what diet is suitable pregnant woman to solve problems with hemorrhoids.But sometimes required, and prescription drugs.Including doctor may prescribe drugs and Relief series, but not every woman.

Preparations Relief why they can not apply to all pregnant women

to drugs Relief Series include: rectal suppositories Relief, rectal ointment Relief, Relief Advanced rectal suppositories and rectal suppositories Relief Ultra.

As part of these preparations have shark liver oil, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, hemostatic and immunomodulatory effects.Since clinical trials in pregnant women by the manufacturer (Sagmel, USA) were not carried out, no one knows exactly how shark liver oil acts on the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

remaining components from different preparations of a series Relief.For example, of the candles and ointments include phenylephrine Relief - a drug that acts like adrenaline, sharply narrowing the blood vessels.This leads to the rapid removal of edema, reduction of itching, pain and bleeding.However, phenylephrine is rapidly absorbed in the rectum into the blood and the body can have on the overall impact, narrowing blood vessels, raising blood pressure (BP) and causing cardiac arrhythmia.That is why Relief can be applied not all women.You can not use it if there are any problems with the cardiovascular system, such as high blood pressure.

rectal suppositories Relief Relief - for the treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus Relief - for the treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus Advance incorporate in addition to shark liver oil anesthetic benzocaine.This is an anesthetic for topical application on the skin or mucous membranes benzocaine impedes pain impulses, removing pain and itching.The blood is not absorbed benzocaine, so Relief Advanced often prescribed during pregnancy when severe pain and itching.

The composition of rectal suppositories Relief ultra except shark liver oil includes hydrocortisone and zinc.These candles instantly relieve the inflammation, swelling, pain and itching, but are contraindicated during pregnancy because they can cause numerous disorders in women.This occurs due to the presence of hydrocortisone Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient - glucocorticosteroid hormone (GCS), which has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, but it lowers immunity (risk of joining infection), increases blood pressure andIt can cause a number of undesirable consequences.

Thus, the question of whether to appoint or not to appoint in each case a pregnant woman drugs Relief Series solves a doctor.

Galina Romanenko