Anaferon during pregnancy - receiving only medical prescriptions

anaferon during pregnancy Anaferon - a drug that contains a very small (homeopathic) doses of active principle.But the action of this drug is associated with exposure to the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? , and during pregnancy it is difficult to predict how much it is safe.Moreover, clinical trials on pregnant women Anaferon no reason.

danger first - active substance

Immunosuppression during pregnancy is a physiological response of the body whose task - prevention of rejection of the embryo, then a fetus as a foreign body from the woman's body.Interfere in this process is undesirable because it is difficult to predict the consequences of such action.

Anaferon - a homeopathic remedy with antiviral action, which as the active principle consists of an antibody to the antiviral protein interferon gamma in the ultra-low dilutions.It is believed that small amounts of these antibodies can stimulate the formation of intrinsic (endogenous) interferon, and its early species - alpha- and beta-interferons, and then later species - gamma interferon.Also increases the formation of biologically active substances of cytokines that regulate intracellular and intercellular relationships.

Despite the fact that in the world there are already drugs that stimulate the formation of endogenous interferon, clinical studies on the effects on the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus were carried out.

addition, anaferon has a direct stimulatory effect on the immune system.Under its influence activates cellular immunity, including phagocytosis - the destruction of the immune cells of infectious agents of any origin.Therefore anaferon also effective against bacterial and fungal infections.

activated and humoral immunity: increasing amounts of antibodies (immunoglobulins), including a growing number of immunoglobulin A, which acts in the mucous membranes and does not transmit infection pathogens (viral, bacterial, fungal) inside the body.

Anaferon Such activating effect on the immune system of pregnant women has not been studied, so it is difficult to say whether there will be in the treatment of any adverse effects or not.

especially dangerous use of any drugs during the first trimester, that is, in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, manufacturers recommend that pregnant women take anaferon only on prescription.

danger of second - auxiliary substances - the basis of tablets anaferna

During pregnancy, there are always violations of the gastrointestinal tract.This is due mainly to the fact that the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , which is produced during pregnancy in a large number, inhibits smooth muscle of the uterus (which prevents miscarriage), and with it the reductionsmooth muscles of the rest of the abdomen and pelvis.This leads to a decrease in intestinal motility, movement disorders stool through the intestines, constipation, flatulence, spastic abdominal pain and so on.

The structure Anaferon Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity as adjuvant includes milk sugar (lactose).Daily drinking large amounts of lactose may lead to increased discomfort on the part of the gastrointestinal tract.Since pregnancy is almost always accompanied by constipation, the resulting toxic metabolic products and gases will be re-absorbed into the bloodstream and cause intoxication.

third Danger - allergic reactions

Allergic reactions while taking Anaferon is rare, however, they should not be discounted.Any allergic reaction, dangerous for pregnant women, because they can have unpredictable consequences.

anaferon allergy is most often seen in the form of hives, swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause angioedema or various itchy rash.

Should anaferon take during pregnancy?

Take anaferon during pregnancy is, but only on prescription.The fact is that any infection is also very dangerous for pregnant women and the doctor decides what in this case is more dangerous: a side effect of medication or an infection.

Anaferon is the safest anti-viral and immune stimulating drug.To take or not to take it during pregnancy, in what doses and for how long, the attending physician decides.The woman must completely fulfill all his appointments and recommendations.

Galina Romanenko