Lactase Baby - instruction to the biologically active food additives

Lactase Baby instruction Lactase Baby - instructions to the biologically active food additives (Bud) recommends using it as an additional source of the enzyme lactase for children from birth to seven years.In children, it often happens when the body decreases the content of this enzyme required to digest the milk sugar - lactose.


mechanism of action of lactase Baby

Lactase Baby - a biologically active food supplement, which is available in capsules of 220 mg.Each capsule contains 700 units (7 mg) and the enzyme lactase auxiliaries - medium chain triglycerides and maltodextrin.Company produces lactase Baby Neyshnl Enzaym (US) from mold, followed by purification to obtain a special standardized lactase.

presence in Bad Baby Lactase enzyme Lactase is an analog of a natural digestive enzyme produced in the small intestine of man.Lactase breaks down and allows the absorption of milk sugar (lactose), enters the body of a child with dairy foods.

inadequate secretion of lactase in the intestine leads to a shortage in the body.Lactase deficiency can be congenital (primary lactase deficiency) or acquired (secondary lactase deficiency).Secondary lactase deficiency can occur in children after an intestinal infection, acute respiratory viral infections or flu Influenza - expect the unexpected but always Influenza - expect the unexpected but always , as well as any other infections and diseases.Very often it happens wee chronic bowel disease - enterocolitis and often chronically ill children at lower immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .

With a lack of this enzyme in the body of the child can not tolerate foods, which include milk sugar.We at the use of such products he developed symptoms of digestive disorders in the form of intestinal colic, increased gas, liquid stool.

Due to the fact that the milk is not absorbed in the body of the child, children with congenital lactase deficiency lag behind in physical development that affects their psychological development.Application BUD Baby Lactase helps the child up to a year to digest breast milk efficiently without interrupting breastfeeding.After a year of application of the Bud and enables you to use the child's diet dairy products.


Indications and contraindications

Lactase supplements Baby is designed to meet the needs of young children in the enzyme lactase.Supplements can be stored for a long time and is easy to use.Assigns lactase Baby children doctor, especially for children under one year.This dietary supplement is prescribed for lactase deficiency for children from birth to seven years in order to better digestion of dairy products in their poor tolerance to prevent such signs of deficiency of lactase as flatulence, intestinal colic, frothy liquid stool with a sour smell, backlogphysical development.

In the first months of a child's life lactase Baby prescribed for functional immaturity of enzymatic systems.Once the site of the gastrointestinal tract of the child becoming a full, lactase Baby overturned.

Contraindicated Lactase Baby only if you are hypersensitive to the components of the preparation child.


How to give your child dietary supplements Lactase Baby

Lactase supplements Baby used inside on prescription.It is used at each feeding with breast milk, formula milk or food containing lactose.Dose BUD Lactase Baby assigned doctor.

children under one year who are breastfed, the contents of the capsule are diluted in 10-20 ml of pre-human milk or infant formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power and leave to ferment for 5-10 minutes, then give firstexpressed milk with lactase Baby and then his chest.

If the baby is bottle-fed, then pour the contents of the capsule into the bottle with the full amount of milk mixture and leave for 10 minutes to ferment, and then feed the baby.Babies

from one to five years several capsules content (depending on the amount of milk) was added to a warm but not hot dairy foods.Children up to five years to give the whole capsule is not recommended, you can only give its contents.

Children from 5 to 7 years appoint 2-7 capsules (depending on the amount of milk) during meals if the child is able to swallow the capsule.If he is unable to swallow capsules, their contents mixed with milk food.

biologically active food supplement Lactase Lactase Baby Baby - biologically active food supplement for children Lactase Baby - biologically active food supplement for children saves child nutrition with a deficiency in his body the enzyme lactase.

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