Dufalac Infant - only doctor's prescription

Duphalac for newborns Dufalac Infant used often enough, but only on prescription.Independently mother can not give neither this nor any other drug to the newborn child.The fact that a newborn child can be any organic disease are not identified, or the enzyme deficiency, in which the reception Duphalac contraindicated.

Why constipation may be newborns

A newborn baby, who immediately put to the breast, two or three days, set a chair 5-7 times a day.It may be, after each feeding.But children are not all the same.For some children standard chair is once a day or even once every two or three days.Is this constipation?Not always - that is, the child has constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food , the doctor judges in his general condition.If the baby suckles quietly, sleeps between feedings, do not worry, do not shout, he had no stomach swells, it means that rare chair for him is the norm, and to treat it is not necessary.

Constipation can sometimes be the same even if the daily stool.The child in this case is restless, cries, refuses the breast, belly swollen.Such a condition requires treatment.Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract in newborns occur very often, this is due to the imperfection of enzyme systems and the lack of a sufficient amount of normal microflora in the gut.To restore normal digestion pediatricians prescribe probiotics - drugs containing live beneficial bacteria colonies.In the case of chronic constipation newborn prescribed Duphalac.

Dufalac for babies - it acts

Dufalac - a naturally occurring carbohydrate laktuleza (it is produced from whey), which consists of two simple carbohydrates - glucose and galactose.Neonatal Dufalac used in the dosage form as a syrup.

Duphalac peculiarity is that it is almost not absorbed into the blood, and operates mainly in the large intestine without being exposed to changes in the upper gastrointestinaltract.Once in the intestines of a newborn baby, Duphalac is "dressing" for the beneficial bacteria colonies which are just beginning to grow.

These beneficial bacteria (mainly bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) degrade lactulose to low molecular weight organic acids, which contributes to the acidification of the intestinal contents.Such acidification has healing effect on the body of the newborn, since useful bacteria develop best in acidic media, whereas opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms it is detrimental.Lactulose also absorbs ammonia, which can be formed in the intestine of the child due to improper digestion and poisoning his body.All of these changes contribute to the osmotic pressure in the lumen of the intestine and enter into it large amounts of fluid, which in turn stimulates intestinal motility and excretion of a stool.

Duphalac These properties allow its widespread use as a laxative and detoxifying agent newborns.

Do all newborn can take Duphalac?

Dufalac - a drug that acts gently and well tolerated by infants.But in its application, there are several contraindications - mostly some congenital malformations and genetic disorders.The problem is that they can occur in newborn infants is not directly or in the form of invisible symptoms to see a doctor who can.

For a contraindication to the use of Duphalac is ileus Bowel obstruction - the reasons may be different Ileus - the reasons may be different .A newborn baby, it may be associated with birth defects, violation of motor activity of the intestine, etc.If the stool increase in volume, the child will need emergency surgery.

Another contraindication for use Duphalac is galactosemia - an inherited enzymatic disease associated with a lack of enzymes that facilitate the assimilation of galactose, entering the body of the child with the mother's milk.In this child's blood accumulates itself galactose, and toxic products of its partial disintegration.This has a negative effect on the operation of all organs and tissues.But most of all affected the brain, liver and eye lens.

lactulose, which is an active substance Duphalac Duphalac - effective laxative Duphalac - effective laxative , consists of two simple sugars - glucose and galactose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source , to a small extent can be absorbed into the blood and strengthen galactosemia.

Finally, the newborn should not be prescribed Duphalac if you are hypersensitive to it.

Duphalac dose and duration of application selects the physician individually for each child.

Galina Romanenko