Swollen lymph nodes in children: a sign of infection

  • swollen lymph nodes in children: a sign of infection
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Swollen lymph nodes in children Due to its functional characteristics of the lymphatic system is a powerful barrier to the penetration of infection in the human body.She improved depending on the age period of development is finally formed by the end of puberty.Swollen lymph nodes of children is often a sign of the presence of an infectious disease or an inflammatory process that requires a differential diagnosis.

How is the development of lymphadenitis

inflammatory process localization in lymph nodes called lymphadenitis.This process can be regarded as a kind of protective reaction of the body in response to the penetration of the pathogen.Lymph nodes in the first perform a protective function, as a powerful barrier.Lymphadenitis can not be attributed to a separate nosological disease as an inflammatory process indicates the presence of underlying disease and the source of infection.The lymph nodes is the development of cells that have a specific orientation in the fight against various pathogens.It is this mechanism of protective reaction contribute to the fact that there is no further spread of pathogens through the body, they die at the level of the lymph nodes.At the time of enhanced production of protective cells lymph nodes increase in size, that is good can be seen during their physical examination.

cause of inflammatory changes in lymph nodes in children are infections such as toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis: pregnant women against cats Toxoplasmosis: pregnant women against cats , infectious mononucleosis Infectious mononucleosis - the illness of students Infectious mononucleosis - the illness of students , rubella Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated .A common cause in children are colds, viral diseases, diseases of the oral cavity.If a child is long, there are pockets of infection, the expression of the inflammatory process will be enlarged lymph nodes.There is even an increase in groups of lymph nodes that have different localization (chinstraps, parotid, cervical lymph nodes).When angina, tonsillitis, bacterial infections inflamed neck lymph node groups.Oral diseases, such as stomatitis, often accompanied by an increase podborodnyh nodes.If the diagnosis is correct and the cause of the disease was significantly known, after the main course of treatment enlarged lymph nodes regress, become normal size, with evidence of inflammation was observed.

What should be the principles of treatment

is mandatory child must be conducted a complete examination to determine the cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes,that in the future could assign complex treatment.The survey plan should include:

  • general-clinical study of blood
  • x-ray (if indicated)
  • puncturing a lymph node with a morphological study of the material obtained

child must undergo mandatory counseling specialists (ENT, dentist)to exclude the existence of pathology on the part of these bodies.Parents should first warn against self-medication, because it can negatively affect the health of the child.It is not recommended to warm up the house prior to the treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes, as against this background there is a deterioration of health and the progression of the disease process.The parents can not quite objectively evaluate the overall condition of the child, especially the diagnosis, so you should promptly seek medical attention.If an infectious disease is based on a factor that held antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy with the specific pathogen.

Antibiotics primarily appointed from the group a wide range of effects.It is necessary to take into account the mandatory age and weight of the child, as the dose is calculated on the basis of these parameters.Not all antibacterial agents allowed in pediatric practice, some of them are only allowed a certain age, so this fact should be taken into consideration.Besides antibiotic therapy is carried inflammatory therapy, which includes various preparations containing as hormonal component.If lymphadenitis occurs with symptoms of intoxication, the appointed detoxification therapy, the amount of which is determined by the weight of the child.

most poor prognosis can be attributed to complications lymphadenitis.These include inflammatory complications associated with the addition of the bacterial flora or exacerbation of existing chronic infection.Clinically it is manifested the development of an abscess abscess - why are so dangerous ulcers? Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers? or cellulitis, severe manifestations observed in the general intoxication, or sepsis.Purulent process in the lymph nodes requires urgent surgery when produced an autopsy ulcer and drainage.Antibiotic therapy in this situation is an essential component of therapeutic measures, it is recommended to assign a combination of a number of antibacterial agents.If treatment is not carried out lymphadenitis in the proper amount, it could cause a breakthrough of pus in the underlying tissues, ie develops phlegmonous adenitis.The child's condition deteriorates significantly due to intoxication syndrome.To prevent the development of serious complications with inflammation of the lymph nodes in the child may subject a set of preventive measures.Should conduct an adequate course of therapy with any of the diseases that can cause lymphadenitis.It is important not to allow the child's infection various abrasions or superficial wounds of the skin.

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