Betaserk for children - is it possible to use?

betaserk children Betaserk for children is not applicable.The manual, developed by the manufacturer, the children's age is a contraindication for use of the drug, due to the lack of clinical trials betaserk Betaserk - a drug that helps restore the balance Betaserk - a drug that helps restore the balance on children.Nevertheless, there is evidence that some clinics betaserk successfully used for the treatment of vertigo of various origins in children.

Why dizziness may occur in a child

causes of vertigo in children are often epilepsy during localization of the areas in the temporal cortex.Vertigo, a child may also occur migraine attacks.

occurs in children and benign paroxysmal vertigo (DPG).DPG attack begins at an early age, in one to three years is equally common in boys and girls.Sometimes DPG is a consequence of otitis media Otitis - than could face an ear infection Otitis - than could face an ear infection , but more often the cause can not be identified.Half of children with DPG, revealed close relatives (mother, father, grandmother, and so on), suffering from migraine attacks.

dizzy in a child with DPG develop no more cuts per week (usually about once a month) and last no more than five minutes (usually a few seconds).During the attack the child may drop suddenly, his face pale, there sweating, involuntary eye movement (nystagmus).Some children complain of nausea.The consciousness of a child, as a rule, does not lose.A distinctive feature of the attack is that the child or falls on the floor, looking for arms or support.After the attack passes, the child usually does not complain and do not suffer from hearing impairment.The most common attacks DPG pass when a child is four years.However, some children continue to develop migraine attacks.

Dizziness in children can also occur on the background of the family of the periodic ataxia type 2.It is a hereditary disease often begins with attacks of vertigo, nystagmus, and loss of balance.Attacks last from several hours to several days and is accompanied by speech disorders, tinnitus and a feeling of pins and needles in the body.Often this disease is accompanied by progressive movement disorders.

Violations of the vestibular apparatus, accompanied by dizziness, can occur in a child after an intrauterine infections and intoxications.

Can I use betaserk children

official application betaserk children are not allowed, however, there is evidence that the child neurology in recent years increasingly used this drug for relief of vertigo Dizziness - if the landout from under the feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet in children, and to prevent the occurrence of such attacks.

betaserk active substance is a synthetic analogue of histamine betahistine.Just as histamine, betahistine stimulates histamine H1 receptors and blocks H3 receptors.Stimulation of histamine H1-receptor leads to the expansion of the blood vessels feeding the brain.This leads to improved blood circulation in the inner ear.The increased permeability of small blood vessels in this area helps to restore volume in the endolymph of the inner ear and restore its normal funktstionirovaniya.

blocking H3 receptors promotes release betahistine large number of neurotransmitter (substance by nerve impulses which are transmitted in the synapses of the nerve cells) from presynaptic nerve membrane (inhibits histamine release mediators).This facilitates the rapid and effective suppression of the activity of the center of balance, located in the brain stem that shoots dizzy.

with frequent attacks in children may use betaserk 4 mg (half a tablet of 8 mg) 2 times a day.

When is contraindicated betaserk

Betaserk drug is non-toxic, so has a few contraindications.It should not be administered in case of hypersensitivity to the drug component of the patient, pheochromocytoma (adrenal gland tumor), pregnancy, breast- Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice breast and childhood.Recent restrictions related to the fact that the manufacturers of the drug were not conducted any clinical trials on the data of patients, so there are no data on its efficacy and safety.

with caution and under close medical supervision betaserk apply in the case where the patient suffers from bronchial asthma, or gastric ulcer - betaserk may cause worsening of the disease, as well as to suppress the effects of antihistamines used in the treatment of these diseases (and H2 blockers N1-histamine receptors).

Betaserk used to treat children only on prescription, and when there are clear indications for its use.

Galina Romanenko