Ultrasound examination of thyroid cancer in children - diagnostic method available

Ultrasound examination of thyroid cancer in children There are a number of indications for ultrasound scans of the child.Parents should explain that such a study can not be compared with the effect on the body X-rays, so it is not harmful to health.Ultrasound of the thyroid gland in children is carried out without prior special training that allows it to be recommended as a safe and affordable diagnostic methods.

diagnostic possibilities of the method

in pediatric ultrasound scanning method is widely used for diagnostic purposes.The method makes it possible to make a differential diagnosis of various diseases, as well as hold a series of manipulations of diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (eg, needle biopsy under the control of the apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis).Children may experience the following indications for the purpose thyroid ultrasound thyroid ultrasound - to examine the evidence Thyroid ultrasound - to examine the evidence :

  • change in the child around the neck, which can be seen by visual inspection and palpation significantly determined by the front of the neck
  • weight changeindicators (sharp decrease or weight gain) in a short time
  • occurrence of dyspnea, difficulty in swallowing
  • changes on the electrocardiogram as arrhythmia
  • that a child has a genetic predisposition on the part of the endocrine system diseases
  • living in conditions unfavorable for iodine contentand environmentally disadvantaged regions.Special attention should merit a deficiency of this trace element
  • transferred severe general illness in a child

indication for examination there are many, so well see a specialist endocrinologist for advice if the child has signs of physical distress.Given that there is no need for a special training for research, you can examine the child in a timely manner when a suspected pathology of the thyroid system.In children very often have to deal with endocrine disorders, and among this group of diseases thyroid disease is the leading, it comes first.

programs to identify pathology in children

very large part of the population lives in areas where there is insufficient iodine content of trace elements in water and food.Problems iodine deficiency or hypothyroidism noteworthy in terms of impact is on the child's body.The consequences of such an effect may be the most disadvantaged children is a violation of the mental, intellectual and physical development.The most severe effects are seen when the developing fetus is experiencing iodine deficiency during fetal development.Correction of violations of the thyroid thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones in pregnant women is an important factor in preventing the development of endocrine pathology in the child after birth.In children, the most common cause of hypothyroidism and nontoxic goiter is chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis.Children get sick during pubertal development and very rarely under the age of four years.According to studies it was shown that during the ultrasound of the thyroid gland in this disease there are various changes, deviations from the normal values ​​in almost 100% of the surveyed children.It was noted that in patients with lymphocytic thyroiditis increased risk of cancer, so it is important to establish the diagnosis in a timely and appropriate to appoint a course of therapy.Thyroid cancer is characterized in that the patient can be cured, but subject to early detection and timely treatment.

Survey allows to detect cancer lesions, which may be expressed in resizing body, its volume and the appearance of pathological seals in the parenchyma of the gland.For example, hypothyroidism due to lower gland function changes the hormonal activity (impaired production of hormones), which leads to reduction in size, the volume of the gland.Such changes can only be detected on the basis of ultrasound findings, since the palpation examination of the thyroid gland does not provide reliable data on the size of the body and its volume.An ultrasound gives accurate digital values, based on which the physician can infer the presence or absence of pathological changes in the child.

thyroid ultrasound method of examination is required at any age depending on the availability of evidence.This is particularly important for the study of children as a guarantee of their health and the health of their future children.

Marina Solovyov