Ersefuril - children assigned at an early age

Enterofuril children ersefuril children prescribed for the treatment of intestinal infections, ranging from months of age, but only on medical prescription.With mild intestinal infections this drug copes easily.However, intestinal infections in children can occur very hard, including weighting condition can occur suddenly in the background of inadequate treatment.

ersefuril children in intestinal infections

Due to imperfections of the gastrointestinal tract and immune Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults intestinal infections in children can be very difficult to proceed.Also, sometimes start out easy for intestinal infection may suddenly become serious.This occurs most often when there is no treatment or inadequate treatment assignment.

intestinal infections in children most often caused by bacterial or viral pathogens of origin.This intestinal infections of viral origin (such as rotavirus) are frequently complicated by additional bacterial infection - activated own pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms, constantly living in the gut.

That is why all intestinal infections in children should be treated only by a doctor, especially in children under one year.For the treatment of intestinal infections, lung doctor can prescribe medicines nirofuranovogo series, including ersefuril, an active substance which is a substance from the group of nitrofurans nifuroxazide.

ersefuril mechanism of action related to the blockade of redox reactions in the cells of bacteria - pathogens.This leads to suppression or their livelihoods, or cell death (at higher doses. Sensitivity to ersefurilu ersefuril - to cope with a slight diarrhea of ​​infectious origin Ersefuril - to cope with a slight diarrhea of ​​infectious origin shows most pathogens intestinal infections of bacterial origin.

ersefuril advantages are a wide range ofaction, creating a high concentration in the gut, no addiction to the drug in the absence of pathogens and suppress the vital beneficial intestinal microorganisms.

ersefuril practically not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, 99% of the dose remained in the intestine and exerts its antimicrobial action therein -in the intestinal lumen creates a sufficiently high concentration of nitrofurans for the provision of the necessary drug effect. Write ersefuril intestines: Approximately a fifth of the dose in unchanged form, with the remainder - a chemically altered.

How children should not appoint ersefuril

Produces ersefuril French pharmaceutical company Sanofi as capsules for oral administration of 200 mg (they are allowed to take children from six years old) and a suspension for oral administration, which is assigned to one month of age.Up to a month, and especially premature babies, this drug is not indicated because of the immaturity of enzyme systems - it can lead to hemolytic anemia in children.

In some countries (including France) ersefuril permitted to apply to two years.It is not associated with some side effects of this drug, and on the features of the flow of intestinal infections in young children, who at any moment can go from mild to severe.Therefore, for the treatment of small children, some doctors prefer to use antibiotics in common (systemic) action.

not assign ersefuril and children with hypersensitivity to the components of this drug.Prior to his appointment suspension ersefuril infants should be excluded from them congenital deficiency of enzymes that break down sucrose.

Are there any side effects when using ersefuril children?

ersefuril usually very well tolerated in children suffering from intestinal infection.The only exceptions are infants (children under the age of one month), premature infants and children with enzymatic deficiency

Because side effects of this drug are known only to allergic reactions - for children they are rare, but can acquire prevalent.For example, the appearance of hives can be accompanied by the rapid spread of the rash, and merge it into huge blisters.The swelling in this case may move to capture the subcutaneous tissue and soft tissues of the larynx.Allergic reactions may occur in a child very quickly, so the rapid spread of hives should call an ambulance, without waiting for the swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause reaches the larynx and lead to respiratory failure.

cases of overdose ersefuril not met.

ersefuril used to treat intestinal infections in children intestinal infections in children - a serious danger Intestinal infections in children - a serious risk , since the age of one month, but only on prescription.

Galina Romanenko