Sinusitis in children - an actual problem

  • Sinusitis in children - an actual problem
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sinusitis children problem of infectious diseases in childhood is important.The growing number of diseases contributes to the fact that in childhood the body's defenses are not yet fully developed.Against the background of previous infection can develop sinusitis, which is particularly often observed in the autumn-winter period.Sinusitis in children should be treated to avoid the serious complications associated with the spread of infection, and the self is categorically inadmissible.

What parents need to know about the causal factors of sinusitis

Any inflammatory process affects the well-being and overall health.Children suffer the most difficult diseases, so an important task for parents is to prevent progression of the disease.If you pay due attention to prevention, it will largely affect the overall incidence and reduce it.Pediatric sinusitis develops after suffering an infectious disease, which can be viral or bacterial origin:

  • flu
  • SARS
  • colds or other infectious diseases, not healed until the end

Any child exposed to colds.The most important time to hold the cold treatment to the infectious process has not proceeded long.If your child has a runny nose lasts for more than ten days, the first thing you need to exclude the presence of sinusitis.In children, yet there was a complete development of the immune system, so the body is easily subject to microbial attack.Communication in the children's collective also increases in the incidence of diseases.If you do not strengthen the immune system of the child, the risk of developing sinusitis after infection increases many times.For this purpose, it is recommended to carry out restorative, tempering procedures.The child has to do morning exercises, engage in sports.Swimming, running, gymnastics are excellent sports facilities, which will help promote better health.Be sure to walk in the fresh air.Currently, the child is exposed to high loads, training programs are quite complex, so it is important to organize Children's Day, to allow him to rest.Sleep should be a full, small children should be organized as naps Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .Special attention should be given to parents nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food child.Status of intestinal microflora largely determines the state of immunity in general, as intestinal mucosa is a powerful barrier to the spread of infection.

The cause of sinusitis in children can be a disease of the mouth, teeth.It can be not only caries details about caries - take care of your teeth is too late More about caries - take care of your teeth is too late , as well as various oral diseases that were not treated in time.The infection is spreading rapidly in the area of ​​the sinuses due to features of the anatomical structure and there is a development of an acute infectious process.In this regard, it is important to take your child to the doctor pediatric dentist when the first complaints, not to self-medicate.If your mouth is sanitized, ie there will be no source of infection, it is possible to eliminate the cause of odontogenic sinusitis in the future.

In what form can occur sinusitis

Inflammation in the sinuses may be unilateral, as well as to proceed with bilateral lesions of the sinuses.There are several variants of the sinusitis, which differ in clinical manifestations and duration of the disease:

  • acute form.The disease develops suddenly, sharply, against the background of overall health and duration lasts up to four weeks
  • subacute form lasts from four to eight weeks
  • chronic form.The disease takes a protracted course and can last up to eight weeks or more.Chronic sinusitis may occur several years after the acute illness, while provoking factor is the fact often hypothermia.In chronic sinusitis often leads to various complications in the internal organs, as it becomes a hotbed of infection
  • relapsing form, which is characterized by repetition of episodes of sinusitis in the year several times

characteristic of childhood is that the final formation of the maxillary sinusesIt occurs only to the age of seven.When inflammation in the acute form first affected ethmoid sinus, and then the process goes on with the development of paranasal sinuses sinusitis.If at this stage of the infectious process extends further, it will damage the development of the sinuses polisinusita.Sinuses themselves have sufficient size, but their excretory opening sinuses which open into the nasal cavity, small.With the development of inflammation of mucous swelling occurs, which leads to blockage of outlet holes and accumulation of contents in the sinus cavity.

By reducing the flow of immunity occurs microorganisms in sinus.Inflammation is the cause of violations of ventilation of the sinuses.Blockage pin holes leads to a temporary isolation sinus mucus accumulates in it and this soil actively breed pathogens.Reproduction of bacteria eventually is the cause of purulent inflammation.This mechanism of inflammation explains why first aid for sinusitis in a child should be normalized outflow content.If you remove the swelling of the mucous, then through the open exhaust opening will be cleaning sinuses.It is a mistake to think that the vasoconstrictor nose drops vasoconstrictive nose drops - use with caution! Vasoconstrictor nose drops - use with caution! are safe for children.Appointment drops should be done only after an expert examination of the child taking into account his age and the severity of the disease.Wrong choice of the drug may cause a transition of the disease into a chronic form.

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