What is a yeast infection in girls: to the attention of parents

thrush girls Thrush is a disease that spares no one, including children.Moreover, in young girls and not so yeast can occur in the form of urogenital candidiasis, ie, affects the genitals.Unfortunately, not all mothers are quite closely watching their daughters, in part because they do not know what a yeast infection in girls.A reproductive health of girls - future female laid in utero, and all disorders and diseases of the girls, especially in gynecological part in childhood can lead to irreversible consequences such as infertility.

Thrush girls

thrush - a fungal disease that is caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida.Girls urogenital candidiasis occurs in the form of vulvovaginitis (defeat vestibule - the vulva and vagina mucosa).The clinical course vulvovaginal candidiasis girls divided into acute, subacute and chronic.According to statistics urogenital candidiasis affects about 50% of girls.


emergence of vulvovaginal candidiasis caused anatamo-physiological characteristics of the sexual apparatus girls and other causes.These include:

  • thin-skinned and thin skin that covers the area of ​​the external genitalia;
  • expressed folding the vaginal mucosa;
  • large number of vestibular glands;
  • alkaline content of the vagina;
  • low glycogen content;
  • lack Doderlein sticks;
  • weak estrogenic saturation;
  • low immune resistance.

Among exogenous factors (environmental factors) play an important role as a common disease the child's body, as well as local factors (mechanical, chemical, thermal factors, the presence of foreign bodies in the vagina).

clinical picture

Vulvovaginal candidiasis occurs by ingestion of mushrooms in the mucosal damage (chafing, irritation by mechanical action, thermal and chemicalburns), as a result of wetting of the pudenda infected urine, and also in the presence of a foreign body in the vagina.The main symptoms are itching, burning, pain in the vulva, vaginal discharge from heavy cables.These symptoms in the acute stage worsen the overall condition of the girl, it becomes whining, irritability, disturbed sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and appetite.On examination of the external genitalia in the vulvovaginal candidiasis marked redness and swelling of the small and large labia, which are sometimes applied to the perineum and thighs.Abundant bleach can cause maceration of the mucous membrane, thus exacerbating the condition of the girl.Selections look like cheesy crumbs that are tightly soldered to the mucosa and have an unpleasant sour smell.


Definitive diagnosis not enough clinical data and Vaginoscopy.It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the child.The wire bacteriascopical smears taken from the vagina and urethra, and out of the cervical canal.In addition, to sow on nutrient medium for the detection of fungi and determine their sensitivity to antifungal drugs.Also, given the greater frequency of the combination of vulvovaginal candidiasis and inflammation of the urinary tract, conduct of microscopy and urine culture.


First detection of fungi in the girl locally appointed antifungals (levorin for children from three to ten years, and amfoteritsinovuyu dekaminovuyu ointment, miconazole, amfoglyukamin).You can use a solution of sodium tetraborate in glycerol.Often used gyno-pevaril 150 and Pimafucin of vaginal balls.Furthermore, it should assign desensebiliziruyuschie and vitamins (B, C, E, F).Locally applied bath with a decoction of chamomile, succession, plantain Psyllium - helps the kidneys and stomach Psyllium - helps the kidneys and stomach , sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass Sage - cvyaschennaya grass , kopytnyaka.Prerequisite is the careful observance of personal hygiene (washing away after each visit to the toilet, change of underwear twice a day).You also need prescription drugs to normalize the general condition: sedatives Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? , immunostimulants.

Anna Sozinova