Cyst of thyroid cancer in children - under the supervision of a physician

cyst of the thyroid gland of children Undoubtedly, all diseases and, of course, thyroid disease can occur at any age.Children are very likely to develop hypothyroidism, what is often to blame for their mothers (illness lays even during pregnancy).But, moreover, in children as well as adults occurs cyst thyroid.Of all the children examined thyroid disease is detected in one percent, but despite this, they are more common malignancies.Therefore, an endocrinologist should be particularly attentive to the children who have found a cyst of the thyroid gland.

What is the thyroid gland

Thyroid looks like a butterfly and consists of two parts, separated by an isthmus.The thyroid gland is located in the lower third of the front of the neck.Each share consists of follicles (vesicles), which are covered with a liquid protein - colloid.If the mass of adult thyroid is 20-30 grams, then children from five to ten years it is 10 grams.Thyroid function is to develop hormones that are involved in protein synthesis, stimulate the production of growth hormone HGH - medicine will grow HGH - medicine will grow , control the operation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as other organs.

causes of thyroid cysts in children

Causes of thyroid cysts in children are similar to causes in adults.The main factors of the cysts or thyroid nodule:

  • inflammation of the thyroid gland Thyroid - responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones (thyroiditis);
  • thyroid injury (during games or competitions);
  • lack of iodine in the salt;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • bad environment;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal failure (especially in adolescence).

Clinical signs

clinical picture of the thyroid gland cyst in children differs little from such adults.In the case of small education thyroid symptoms completely absent.Normally, the thyroid gland cyst thyroid cyst: presentation and examination The thyroid gland cyst: presentation and survey children accidentally revealed during further investigation concerning this or that pathology.However, all tumors in children as compared to adults, characterized by the tendency to rapid growth.By increasing the size of the brush, or other entity of the thyroid gland, the child complains of pain and sore throat, frequent coughing, difficulty swallowing and breathing.Parents often perceive these complaints as another whim of the child (for example, does not want to have unloved porridge) and treated fairly late to a specialist.In addition, the child may experience hoarseness or even its disappearance (at a pressure of a cyst on the vocal cords), neck pain, headache, and weakness (in the compression of large cervical tumor of blood vessels).As a rule, parents notice "disorder" only with a significant increase in thyroid Increase in thyroid - that underlies the disease Increase in thyroid - that underlies the disease and neck strain in children.

One of the complications of the thyroid gland cyst is it fester.The child's body temperature rises to high forces, there is a weakness, nausea, fatigue, there are pains in the neck.

It should be noted that children are very high probability of malignancy or a malignancy of thyroid cysts.Experts say that about a quarter of children with thyroid cancer malignant transformation occurs.


survey of children with the thyroid gland cyst similar surveys in adults.First the doctor examines and medical history, establishes the existence of a child in the last X-ray exposure to the head and neck.After palpation of the thyroid gland and finding in it a child's education are sent to ultrasound.After the conclusion of the doctor-uzist laid conduct diagnostic puncture of the thyroid gland cyst.Fear of the parents prior to the procedure is not justified, since it is the final diagnostic puncture and important stage of the survey.At the slightest suspicion of malignancy of thyroid cysts child performed surgery.

Anna Sozinova