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prevention of intestinal worms in children Wherever you go, home to many parasites that can infect you andyour child.Among them are particularly prevalent worms Worms - how dangerous they are? Worms - how dangerous they are? , has a huge number of varieties.They may be waiting in the water in the soil on the surface of fruits and vegetables appetizing.Therefore, it is important prevention of worms in children worms in children - if the worms eat inside Worms in children - if the worms eat inside .

How to prevent worms

Eating pork is often a direct route to infection parasitic infections.It often contains parasites which can remain viable even after exposure to relatively high temperatures.Therefore, to give up pork, or at least not to give it to your child, you can not only for religious reasons.

Sushi, rather, raw fish - another common source of larvae of worms.Babies have this dish is not recommended, at least as long as their immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? will not be strong enough.

However, the importance of food processing is very relative.In the 1930s, a scientist conducted an experiment.He fed cats only raw meat and milk, and found that they had fewer parasites than cats fed processed food.Of course, people do not put such experiments, but some experts believe that not all processed foods are equally useful.That is the meat, for example, be sure to thoroughly cook, but at the same time by the use of meat products (which are, of course, also have been processed) it is better to abstain.Fresh fruits and vegetables, on the surface which may be the larvae of worms, there are still necessary, but do not forget to use to wash them thoroughly and, preferably, peel.Generally, for the prevention of helminthiasis best it is a healthy, balanced diet, to which a child should be taught from an early age.

regularly give your child yogurt with probiotics - they strengthen the defense system of the intestine.

gradually included in the diet of the child Garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea Garlic health: almost a panacea , onions, spices (thyme, pepper, cloves) - they all contain substances that protect the body from intestinal worms.

is also necessary that the child has the habit of thoroughly with soap and water, wash their hands after using the toilet, after exploring and communicating with animals.Try to explain to him in simple language, what may be the danger of infection with worms, and how it can be avoided.(But do not tell horror stories about a meter long worms that live in the intestines - this can give too much food for a living child's imagination).

Food and beverages

any foods that the child eats should be thoroughly cooked or properly washed.(This rule is to stick and adults, but children are especially vulnerable to various infections, including helminth infections).Drinking water should be filtered, boiled or bottled;Tap water is safe to drink is not everywhere.Do not give your child fruit, in which surface cracks.Vegetables that you give your child, it is desirable not only washed, but peeled.Do not feed your child meat medium rare (and the more meat with the blood).


Encourage your child to wash hands before eating, after using the toilet and contact with animals.Wash your hands before and after changing baby diapers.The nails of the child should be kept short and clean;The larvae of some species of worms can live under the nails up to two months.After working in the garden, wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

If there is a person infected with helminthiasis, his bedding should be changed several times a week;until he recovers, all family members should use separate towels.

Explain to your child that he should not swallow water when taking a bath or swimming.Do not allow it to float if he has an open wound.

Pets need to regularly drive to the vet for examination and, if necessary, treat them without delay.If the animal were discovered worms, if possible it should be up to full recovery to keep out.

prevention of helminthiasis transmitted through the soil

helminth infections transmitted through soil - is one of the most common infections in children, mostly from the poorest regions of the planet.However, we can not completely exclude the possibility that even a child in a prosperous country can get in the soil-dwelling worms.Parasites can get from the soil to the skin, fruits, vegetables, and other foods.How to prevent contamination?

vaccines helminthisms this variety does not exist.Preparations for the treatment of diseases of this type are available, but they have no preventive effect.In reality, we can only prevent infection with the help of behavioral strategies that will minimize the risk of exposure to parasites.

Do not allow your child to walk barefoot in the street, especially where on earth may be the feces (ie, almost everywhere).Adults are also advised to always wear shoes or thoroughly wash your feet before after walking barefoot walk into a room where there is a small child.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing food, and always wash fruits and vegetables that give your child or yourself eat.

not use human feces as fertilizer (for someone recommendation seems self-evident, but in practice it is not adhere to all).

When traveling with children with increased caution choose food - especially if you are in the third world countries.Avoid any products made from unpasteurized milk, salads, meat and fish, held insufficient heat treatment.If the food has passed the heat treatment, but after that there was a few hours, it could already start to breed pathogens, so there should not be.Buying food and drinks from street vendors helminth infection increases the risk.Carry a disinfectant in case you will not be able to wash your hands before eating.

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