Hofitol for newborns - helps to cope with jaundice

hofitol for newborns All newborn babies after birth develops physiological jaundice that lasts one - two weeks.But lately there is a tendency to increase the length of the physiological jaundice, which is associated with the accumulation of toxic levels of indirect bilirubin, which has a negative impact on the brain of the child.For the treatment of jaundice hofitol apply.

Why newborn hofitol

During fetal development, the child is not breathing on their own.Bringing oxygen into its tissue erythrocytes which contain fetal hemoglobin.After birth, fetal hemoglobin breaks down, and from a so-called indirect bilirubin.This bilirubin is insoluble (so do not excreted by the kidneys), and toxic.Very slowly toxic indirect bilirubin is transferred to a neutral line from the imperfection of the enzyme systems of the newborn.Direct bilirubin is excreted from the body, and jaundice of the newborn passes.

long-term preservation of the physiological jaundice is due, apparently, with some disorders of the enzymatic systems.At very high bilirubin Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis in the blood of newborns develop jaundice pathological.The main reasons for such a state is incompatible mother and child Rh blood group or, intrauterine infection (liver disease), obstruction of the biliary tract or bowel, some congenital diseases and conditions.

the large amount of indirect bilirubin is dangerous in that it has a toxic effect on the brain of the child first and foremost on the activities located in its vital nerve centers.This is called jaundice or bilirubin nuclear and leads to the development of encephalopathy - a non-infectious lesions of brain structures.

Doctors are trying as quickly as possible to eliminate jaundice, preventing its transition into nuclear.To this end, the newborn is assigned a complex treatment, which often includes herbal medicines hofitol.

How does hofitol neonatal jaundice

Hofitol - it phytopreparation a choleretic and diuretic effect Its active substance is a dry aqueous extract of fresh leaves of an artichoke field.The composition of the extract of artichoke field includes a range of biologically active substances that have a beneficial impact on the work of the liver cells and promote the removal of bile into the intestine.

These biologically active substances are tsinnarin and phenolic acids (kofeolovaya, quinic and others), flavonoids, sekviterpilakton inulin.Tsinnarin and phenolic acids have choleretic effect and protect liver cells from any impacts to improve their metabolism and helps to restore basic (including enzymatic) functions.The artichoke extract Artichoke extract - for the treatment and prevention of various diseases Artichoke extract - for the treatment and prevention of various diseases field also contains inulin, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene and B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers B vitamins: the body useful helpers , which also contribute to the normalization of metabolicprocesses in the liver cells.This leads to the fact that toxic indirect bilirubin gradually begins to move to the neutral line.

contained in the extract of artichoke field sekviterpilakton improves the filtration capacity of the kidneys, that is, it has a mild diuretic effect.Together with urine from the body appears direct bilirubin.

Thus, the use Chophytol improves the function of liver cells, the transfer of toxic insoluble indirect bilirubin in a direct, non-toxic and eliminate it from the body in urine.

In newborns with jaundice who received hofitol, bilirubin blood decreases the ninth day of life, and the complete disappearance of the symptoms of jaundice occurs within two weeks.

At the same time these children were under the Chophytol signs of cholestasis - stagnation of bile in the liver (intrahepatic cholestasis), and biliary tract.

As prescribed hofitol newborn

Chophytol clinical practice of the treatment of jaundice in newborns did not reveal the side effects of the drug.All of the children tolerated it well and quickly went to the amendment.

used to treat newborn formulation Chophytol Hofitol - has beneficial effects on liver function Hofitol - has beneficial effects on liver function as a solution for oral administration.Doses according to the weight of newborn babies: Assign usually one to three drops Chophytol three times a day.The duration of treatment depend on the condition of the child.

current practice of Chophytol for the treatment of jaundice in newborns.Side effects with the drug to babies have been identified.The clinical effect of this treatment is positive, but the application for the treatment of newborn Chophytol requires further study.

Galina Romanenko