Enterol for newborns - is used in exceptional cases

enterol for newborns The official instruction (see. Vidal reference) enterol recommended for use in children after a year.This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that this drug has been used for several decades, there is not enough clinical experience with his children up to a year, and even more so in the newborn.But in recent years there is evidence of the use of Enterol infants with lactase deficiency.

What is lactase deficiency and how it manifests in the newborn

Lactase deficiency - a deficiency of the enzyme lactase in the gut to digest the milk sugar (lactose).And as the lactose found in human milk, the newborn child shows signs of digestive disorders.

Lactase deficiency can be congenital lactase and then in the body of the child is completely absent.But more often it is a temporary phenomenon and is characterized by a reduction in lactase activity or formation in the digestive organs of the child.In newborn infants, a phenomenon often occurs on the background of different perinatal brain lesions (eg, if the fetus during pregnancy or in childbirth experienced a lack of oxygen), including premature infants.

Eating Disorders at the child appear as bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside , intestinal colic (often a child crying) and liquid foamy chair with a sour smell to 12 times a day (sometimes instead of the chair it occursa delay that is even more disturbing child).At the expressed symptoms of lactase deficiency newborn baby behind in weight, which is very dangerous at this age.

for digestive irritable bowel wall, which can lead to the introduction of her infection (gastrointestinal tract is known, according to the environment whereinhabited by many microorganisms) - this will lead to the development of an intestinal infection.The child in this case the temperature rises, there are signs of intoxication - regurgitation, vomiting fountain, is not breastfeeding, and so on.

confirms the diagnosis of lactase deficiency with the help of laboratory tests: in the feces of the child found an increased content of undigested milk sugar.

How is lactase deficiency in newborns

If lactase deficiency is expressed slightly and the newborn in the first days is not too lose weight, and then it starts to dial, then try to keep breastfeeding, the mother recommending the first one to two tablespoonsspoons of milk before feeding to express - it's milk contains more lactose.

But in severe lactase deficiency is not always possible, so often has to human milk partially or completely replaced by the special lactose-free mixtures, ie to transfer the child to artificial feeding.It's not the best food for the newborn, since human milk contains the most appropriate infant feeding ingredients, in particular, easily digestible protein.

recently appeared on the use of scientific work at the lactase deficiency in newborns Enterol.

How does enterol at the lactase deficiency in newborns

Enterol - a drug that contains useful for gastrointestinal fungi - Saccharomyces bulardii.The effect of these fungi in the gut of the child is multifaceted.If lactase deficiency is especially important that they stimulate the activity lactase own child (if a little is released).

addition, enterol not allow to join the digestive disorders of intestinal infection.This happens due to the fact that he first, is an antagonist of the majority of intestinal infections, and secondly, it stimulates local immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults intestine: in the intestinal wall is produced increased amountsIgA - antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers , which protect the intestinal mucosa from invading pathogens.

already gained enough experience in the use of Enterol Enterol - stop the development of an intestinal infection Enterol - stop the development of an intestinal infection infants with lactase deficiency.However, this drug may appoint a doctor neonatologist or pediatrician, having weighed all the indications and contraindications for its use.Despite the fact that enterol considered a safe drug, and even released a pharmacy without a prescription, recorded single cases of falling into the blood with the development of sepsis.Therefore, parents themselves apply the newborn formulation (as well as any other) can not.

Over time, the majority of children in the body begins to produce enough lactase and lactase deficiency phenomena are.The only exception is a congenital lactase deficiency, which is rare.

Galina Romanenko