Enterol and grudnichki - requires a careful and balanced approach

enterol and grudnichki Enterol - a drug test of time, as it has existed for several decades.But it is mainly used for the treatment of adults and children after a year.Data on the use of this drug in children under one year are contradictory, whereas in the instructions, the manufacturer's indicated that children under one year was not prescribed.So how do things stand in reality?

Enterol - especially drug

Enterol special feature is its wide range of effects on the gastrointestinal tract.The reason is that in the Enterol includes yeast - Saccharomyces bulardii and yeast, as we know, are not destroyed by antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , allowing wide use of this drug is at dysbacteriosis (violation of the ratio between beneficial and pathogenic microflora), caused by the use of antibiotics.Saccharomyces bulardii suppress the vital activity of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic intestinal flora and contribute to reproduction of beneficial microflora as improve the digestive process.

Under the action of its own enzymes are activated Enterol bowel which neutralize exogenous (eg, bacterial) and endogenous (produced by improper metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things in various diseases, especially liver and kidneyin violation of their duties) toxins and improves the process of digestion.

Colon Cleansing helps to improve the blood supply to his wall and activates the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? (in the intestine has the largest body in the cluster of lymphoid tissues), which leads to improved resistance to any infection.

These unique capabilities Enterol attracted the attention of doctors of many specialties, including pediatricians and neonatologists (physicians who treat children under native month).

Enterol in the treatment of children under one year

Children up to year often suffer a dysbacteriosis and intestinal infections, including developing on the basis of congenital anomalies of the intestine and the use of antibiotics.Very often these states develop against lactase deficiency - lack of activity of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to digest milk sugar (lactose).When undigested lactose, lactase deficiency contributes to the formation in the intestines of the child of a large number of gas (flatulence), and improper digestion of food, that is a breeding ground for the emergence of opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms.

Enterol in this case is perfect: it activates the lactase and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, thus preventing the development of dysbiosis or intestinal infection.In neonatology and pediatrics are already enough scientific evidence-based work on the effective application of Enterol under lactase deficiency.

But, unfortunately, this drug is not as safe as it is written in the instructions.Children under one year have a very delicate and fragile mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.When dysbacteriosis and lactase deficiency on the walls of the intestine may be areas of irritation through which Saccharomyces bulardii can enter the bloodstream and cause fungal sepsis - fungemia.This is a very serious complication that is difficult to treat.

The manual developed by manufacturers Enterol Enterol - stop the development of an intestinal infection Enterol - stop the development of an intestinal infection , clearly states that it is permitted to use the children after a year.This suggests that clinical trials on children under one year have not been conducted.But at the same instructions have a warning that enterol should not be given to patients if they have a permanent catheter is in the vein - were cases of catheter colonization by fungi and hit him in the blood with the development of sepsis.

Should I appoint enterol babies

is quite clear that this question can be solved only by a doctor.Enterol appointed in the case when the risk is justified, for example, severe lactase deficiency, when a child has been losing weight, lagging behind in the physical and psychological development.

But is it worth it to apply at a dysbacteriosis and intestinal infections of children under one year - the big question for the treatment of these diseases, there are other, more proven drugs.The risk of ingress of yeast cells in the blood is still there, especially at intestinal infection when inflamed intestinal mucosa.

Enterol - a quality, proven probiotic life (a drug that contains useful for intestinal bacteria), but sufficient experience of its application for the treatment of diseases in children is not.Therefore, its use in such cases can only be a doctor when there are serious indications.

Galina Romanenko